Tuesday 28 March 2017

See How Aregbesola's Bid to Make Osun Great is Making Him to Age Fast.

I try to rewind  to 2010, then the 53-year-old Rauf Aregbesola was sworn in as the governor of Osun, his hair was super black, particularly the beard that he keeps as his unmistakable identity, his skin very smooth and only minor wrinkles could be noticed, despite the stresses of waiting to claim his stolen mandate from 2007 to 2010 after a turbulent election campaign.

But today, just six years after, his hair has turned gray while the beard is almost completely white, his facial skin appears looser and more wrinkled only that he still maintains the force of his voice and the swiftness of his gait.

I can only thank goodness that he has less than two years left as a governor in the office where there is practically no easy day. Rauf Aregbesola has been vigorously working out himself.

As he is getting older he has made the survival and care about future generations of Osunites his headache. He sees that he has a chance to make a difference in assuring a better future for his people. He never gets one minute off thinking of what to do to make Osun excel. What a phenomenally demanding job!

Another thing that is making my governor to age fast is mental intrusions. The continuous thinking state that someone or some set of people need something from him every moment of every day.

Despite the extraordinary stress level, I am also glad to note that Rauf Aregbesola is enjoying the best of good health. It is as if to him stress may have an upside. He enjoys the stimulation of it and the excitement and there is no way he can live without it. Many call him a workaholic. Many that had to wait for him till we-we hours of the night on a meeting appointment go home with the impression that Rauf doesn't sleep at all.

I also observe that Rauf Aregbesola a sportsman, is a lover of exercise and there is no drug that can present as many benefits as bodily exercise can. I note that for some time now, the monthly Work- to-live exercise has been suspended.

Also, Ogbeni usually enjoys dancing but recently, he has not been dancing for the economic condition doesn't allow it from a serious governor. At one occasion, the August 8, 2016 birthday celebration of Speaker Najeem Salam precisely, Ogbeni observed that ,“You know I’m a Kokoro (good dancer). I would have loved to dance but a debtor doesn’t dance. You know I owe the workers and that is why I cannot dance. Just bear with me today"

See how Aregbesola's bid to make Osun great is making him to age fast.

Photo arrangement by Oladimeji Lasore

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