Wednesday 14 June 2017


There can be no meaningful democracy without a properly functioning party and pressure that constitute the heart of democracy- the more vigorous and healthy they are, the better assured is the health of the democratic process itself.

It is more efficient for like-minded individuals to come together and form organisations that attempt to form a Government and the fact that these are voluntary organisations shows that it is not compulsory for citizens to join or associate.

The term pressure group isused interchangeably with such terms as interest groups or organized interests.
The groups do not operate in a vacuum but within a political milieu.

Recently in Ilesa East APC, the trio of Hon. Timothy Owoeye, Hon. Idowu Falade and Hon. Idowu Korede made a sensitisation tour of all the eleven wards of Ilesa East LG and Ilesa North East LCDA to introduce and launch a new pressure group that is making rave through out the state. The Lagacy Group.

Legacy is a presure group within the Osun APC that stands to propagate the party (APC) the government and the governor.

As governor Rauf Aregbesola's mandate will soon be concluded and he'll become an ex-governor. As an ex-governor he stands to enjoy pensions and other entitlement. So he stands nothing to lose. The state assemblies also passed laws that allowed luxuries that include 100% current pay for life, one or two mansions built and furnished by the state, free medical service, fully paid annual vacation, cars and numerous aides. 

Therefore, the group Legacy shall operate to ensure continuity so that party members that have not benefitted the luxury of political offices now may have cause to benefit in future which can be possible only if there is continuity.

The legacy group is like the Mandate Group in Lagos. The group is to stand for the continuity of the government. To discourage those going against the party, the government and the governor from within. "Seek yee first the contunuity of our party in goverment and any other thing shall follow"' Chief Idowu Korede opined. It is the duty of the group members to sensetize party members that are against the governor and the government.

According to Hon. Timothy Owoeye, the emergence of the group is not to present any candidate or kick off a campaign but rather, evidently there is polution in the party. There are party members that are floating; that are engaged in ill-talks against the government and the governor. It is therefore the duty of Legacy group members to bring back disgruntled party members back on track.

Hon. Isola Ariyo was introduced as the coordinator of the Legacy group for Ilesa North East, while Mr. Oladimeji Lasore shall coordinate the group in Ilesa East.

The slogan of the group goes thus:

Arise larika. ....
Arise larika.....
Arika baba iregun

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