Sunday 11 June 2017

When I Led Elizabeth Modeola Lasore to the Iloro, Ilesa Cathedral Alter; Family Photos

Saturday 10th June shall remain unforgettable in the family of Titus O. Lasore of Ode-Aye in Ondo state. It was the solemnization of holy matrimony between Elizabeth Modeola Lasore and Daniel Abiodun Akinmorin. The church service was at the Cathedral Church of St. John, Iloro, Ilesa.

More photos from the memorable event....

1. The Engagement

The bride
Mrs Bola Lasore-Johnson

Iyawo ile led by Mrs. Lucy Lasore

The bride family; Mama C. F. Lasore, Dimeji Lasore and Mrs. M. T. Lasore

Mama Lasore  C. F. & Bola Lasore-Johns

The bride & Mrs. M. B. Lasore

Modeola takes benedictions from her family

Modeola and the family
Modeola  prepares to jointhe Akinmorins

MamabM. T. Lasore receives the marriage proposal letter

Oladimeji Lasore addressing the in laws

Oladimeji  with cousins
In the Cathedral of St. John, Iloro, Ilesa

All Photos Credit; Master Tomiwa Johnson 

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