Monday 9 October 2017

PHOTONEWS: Images Of Completed Projects In Ilesa, Osun State


“Our government is resolutely committed to standard and quality job delivery, and has made it as the watchword for the project execution for all contracts and direct labour jobs in Osun State.  One can see this with the thickness of the asphalt surfacing, standard reinforced concrete drainages on all newly constructed and rehabilitated road projects across the state,”--Aregbesola

Ilesa Township Roads (Rehabilitation)

1 Old Omieran Rd Ilesa Old Omieran Rd Ilesa 1.150km (100%)

2 Ibala-Osogbo Rd Junction Ibala-Oke Omiru-Ote Kunrin-Osogbo Rd Junction 1.060km (100%)

3 Tosho-Obembe General Hospital Ilaje Tosho-Obembe General Hospital Ilaje 1.850km (100%)

4 Kayanfanda Street ,Ilesa Kayafanda Street Ilesa 1.600km (100%)

5 Oke Opo-Iyemogun/Ilesa East Oke Opo Community/GRA-Iyemogun/Ilesa East 1.750km (100%)

6 Isokun-George Burton Isokun-Osogbo Rd-George Burton 1.050km (100%)

7 Isokun-DIG Fagbola Isokun-Osogbo Rd-DIG Fagbola 1.050km (100%)

8 Lejoka -GRA Road Lejoka Fadahunsi Avenue/Old Ife Rd-GRA Road 1.540km (100%)

9 Lejoka -Omo Olupe Street Lejoka Abiola-Omo Olupe Street 2.680km (100%)

10 Idooko-Olowogbowo Idooko Junction-Sawmill Alfa-Olowogbowo Rd 2.500km (100%)

11 Irojo Sabo-Bolorunduro Irojo Sabo Junction-Agboworin Crescent-Bolorunduro(Amuta Junction) 2.220km (100%)

12 Repair of Roads to Inner Ring Road, Ilesa on Old Ife Inner Ring –Old Ife Rd 2.800km (100%)

13 Bolorunduro – Yemogun Segement Bolorunduro-Irojo-Moroko-Yemogun Segments 2.700km (100%)

14 Adebisi Aromolaran St-Oke Anu Adebisi Aromolaran Street-Oke Anu 2.319km (100%)

15 Ilerin –Obokun Rd Ilerin Leventis Farms(Agric) Prince Adeyinka Street-Stadium-Obokun, Ilesa 3.440km (100%)

16 Spot Rehabilitation of Ipetu Ijesa Rd Ipetu Ijesa Rd 3.55km (100%)

17. Itabalogun-Ijofi- Bolorunduro-_Health Tech-Express rd. 70%


When Governor Rauf Aregbesola began the implementation of the public schools reclassification, doubts were raised about the intent of the new policy. The government insists the new grade system will improve education. As of today (10/10/17), three (3) Government Elementary Schools in Ilesa have been completed and are in use, namely, LA Government Elementary School, Imo, Holy Trinity Government Elementary School, Ilaje, United Government Elementary School, Ijofi/Bolorunduro. Also there are two Mega Middle Schools the ATC Government Middle School, Oke-oye and Hope Government Middle School, Ilesa. (Hope Government Middle School was assisted by Osun East NASS members). Top of it all is the completed magnificent Ilesa Government High School aka New Ilesa Grammar School.

Enthusiastic Pupils of Local Authority (L.A) Elementary School, Imo, Ilesa welcoming Governor Rauf Aregbesola to the commissioning of their school on Friday 18-07-2014

C. West Africa’s biggest ICT and phone manufacturing company, RLG has increased its foothold in the industry with the commissioning of a 50 million US Dollars Technology City in Ilesha, Osun State.
Called the RLG/Adulawo Technology City, the world-class facility which is already operational will is involved in the training of youths in the assembly and repair of the various electronic devices as well as also produce these devices from its facility. In addition, it is expected to create over 10,000 jobs both directly and indirectly.


Aregbesola upgraded, rehabilitated and renovated General Hospital Ilesa .

All to ensure adequate healthcare delivery service in the state hospitals.

the state government spent a lot on the renovation of the hospitals and purchase of ambulances. Healthcare is basically free.Things like consultation, opening card, admission are done freely and even 80 percent of the drugs are given out free to patients, drugs for common ailments like hypertension, diabetes, malaria and so on, are free, irrespective of age and sex.

See photos... Aregbesola will be leaving General Hospital Ilesa better than he met it.

(To be continued)

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