Thursday, 11 April 2019

IBEDC VS IJESA COMMUNITY: Hope Rising as IBEDC May Restore Light Shortly But After Quick Repairs of All Damaged Equipments


The meeting commenced at 10am in the  Ilesa town Hall.

The meeting was attended by some of our  political leaders  led by Hon L .B Ayeni . (Hon. Timothy Owoeye, Hon. Wale Adedoyin).

The meeting was also attended by IBEDC team led by Otunba Sunday Oduntan ,security agents, community leaders, obas chiefs which included the Elegboro of Ijebu Jesa and hundreds of members of community .

Hon. L. B Ayeni was the first to speak .  He gave a brilliant accounts of what caused the problems like over billing, refusal of IBEDC to give prepaid meters among other excesses of the power company.

 Others also spoke.

The kabiyesi Owa Obokun corroborated  by making the meeting realized that he too was against all the dubious activities of the power company and he made all realized that Ijesas are warriors who only fight when they are cheated He told he meeting that Ijesas will never contribute a dime to assist the power company to repair their allegedly damaged equipment neither would he support any government or institutions willing to contribute towards restoring light to Ijesaland after the payment of any damage. He informed the IBEDC staff present of the need to transfer all their staff which he alleged being dubious out of Ijesaland to guide against future occurrence . He however pleaded with the community to remain calm and be law abiding.

Kabiyesi Owa Obokun said further that the state Governor had called a meeting  for which he was asked to send a representative but he (Owa) offered to lead Ijesa delegation as he said the Ijesas have issues with the power company which he said was prepared to tell the governor .The kabiyesi Elegboro Of Ijebu - Jesa voluntered to accompany the jabiyesi Owa Obokun to Osogbo in respect of the issues.

The kabiyesi told the representatives of the power company never to mention the issue of N232m damages again which he said was annoying.

The head of IBEDC delegation apologized to the kabiyesi Owa Obokun and he promised to ensure that the issue is resolved shortly after the meeting with the governor.

 He however condemned the press release being circulated by Mr Remi Oyeyemi which he said angered the power company but Hon Timothy Owoeye in his closing remarks made the power company realized that the press release was powered by the Ijesa community  He said it emanated from the press release by the South Africa MD of IBEDC and he further thanked them IBEDC for putting the whole of Ijesaland in darkness and he too made them realized that Ijesaland has no apology for what ever might have happened between the community and the power company.

2. The Tripartite Meeting in Osogbo- Adigun Adewoye Reporting.

The tripartite teams  were:
A. Ijesaland team comprising of HRH, Oba Adekunle Aromolaran of Ijesa land,HRH, Oba  of Ijebu- Ijesa, Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi and Dr Adigun Adewoye

B.  IBEDC team, comprising  Asiwaju Sunday Oduntan ,the leader of the team from Abuja, IBEDC business managers from ibadan and  a host of senior security officers.

C. Government team, The Executive Governor of Osun state, Deputy Governor, Secretary to thevState, Head of Service, Chief of Staff and Majority Leader in the Osun State House of Assembly.

The governor led the session and the need to stop blame game but for answers and solution to the logjam which could be escalated and worsened in the land . The resultant economic paralysis in ile- ijesa and foreseeable security challenges. The governor also tasked them not to transfer the financial challenges on the consumers because of the protest.  Also, that IBEDC should have insured their facilities/ equipments

The team from  Ijesaland , led by HRH Oba Aromolaran spoke individually about the rape and injustices meted by IBEDC on the consumers in the kingdom and the need for IBEDC to restore light back without much delay and with no cost to consumers.

The IBEDC team led by Asiwaju Oduntan spoke with a lot of courtesy and respect for the the dignitaries at the meeting. He apologised for the hardship  as a result of the blackout and excesses of his staff in Ijesaland. He roundly condemned the sharp practices of his staff. He promised to recruit new staff in Ile- ijesa and to be trained how to treat customers. Customer is the king. He however advised on best customer behaviour by not resulting to vandalization.

The governor also cautioned on this. The IBEDC leader also called for restrain of foul posts on IBEDC leadership since we need civility to co- exist amicably .

CONCLUSION OF THE LOGJAM. Peaceful and Positive.

Photos: (Credit) Ileri-oluwa Social Media Group)

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