Wednesday 15 May 2019

Akinyemi Apara Distributes Food Items to Fasting Muslims of Egbeidi, Ward 1, Ilesa West LG

Ramadan is a month in which Muslims around the world observe fasting during the hours of daylight. Fasting is an obligatory act upon all Muslims over the age of puberty, both men and women, rich and poor.

During the month of fasting Muslims are encouraged to be particularly charitable. Feeding people at the end of the fasting day represents a very rewarding spiritual act according to Islamic tradition and teachings.

It is common to see Muslims embark on Ramadan food distribution project to provide food to needy people who face food insecurity and hunger.

In Ilesa communities, apart from Sabo areas where Hausas are dominant, Egbeidi in Ilesa West Local Government has the highest concentration of indigenous Muslim inhabitants. This is where it is common to meet Ijesa men and women that answer Muslim names such as Kareem, Disu, Rashidat, Kudirat, Kamoru to mention just a few.

Akinyemi Apara originates from Egbeidi and he is not a Muslim but at this Holy month of Ramadan he decides to identify with the majority of the people of his neighborhood, the Muslims.

Tuesday, 14th May, 2019, he provided food to needy fasting All Progressives Congress (APC) families of the ward. However, there are also non-Muslim or non-fasting families within the communities that also benefitted. He did not discriminate.
Each food parcel contains a sufficient amount of beans (protein) and Gaari (carbohydrate).

Talking to Lasore Oladimeji Blog after the first distribution, Akinyemi Apara said he intends to continue with this gesture throughout the month of Ramadan.


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