Thursday, 4 June 2020

"keep your problems to yourself." Bolorunduro slams PDP

We have noticed with dismay the attempts by a PDP faction and their internal collaborators, who had earlier on tried to railroad Governor Oyetola’ into their PDP internal crisis. They are back into their mischief by trying to bring in Dr Walé Bolorunduro into their crisis, having failed in their first attempt.
While everything about the propaganda of associating us with PDP and their candidate is wrong and ridiculous. The package and deliveries are void of common sense. It is audible to the deaf and visible to the blind that they on a failed mission. Truly, we stand by God. Our recent activities to support our party and stalwarts at grassroots levels in Oriade/Obokun had already sent PDP out of our constituency and we can understand their apprehensions. We are not available for your use. To us, politics is a matter of ideology. When we had cause to disagree with our party, we didn’t go to PDP, so it can not be now or in 2022. We are already enjoying the presence of President Buhari and H.E. Rauf Aregbesola at the federal level. At the state, we are proud of the great jobs, Chief Gboyega Oyetola is doing. These speak of the high premium our party put on performance and service to the people.
Osun is getting better and will continue to get better. APC Osun is getting better and nipping issue in the bud under the capacity State Chairman, Omo Oba Gboyega Famodun, who has always won elections; the master strategist himself.
To the PDP stalwarts in Oriade and Obokun, who are looking for an abode, once you are ready to embrace CHANGE, you are welcome to APC, you know we have been welcoming many of you to our midst since 2011. Walé Bolorunduro has always been happy to work with and accommodate others. We won all election in 2014 and 2015 when Walé Bolorunduro was heading the campaign team and you know we were a pain in the neck for you, on the single one you won marginally.
To the internal collaborators, you traitors need to learn politics properly. You and your failed antics are there to make our life to be richer in content. How will PDP do a poster and it is not on PDP platforms but your own platform? Your anti-party activities are being investigated and being reported to the party and you will be sanctioned for your anti party activities soon. Nemesis had already caught up with you.
Dr Walé Bolorunduro remains a progressive and a stalwart of APC. We are busy with making our party stronger at grassroots by being there for our people.

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