Tuesday 15 June 2021

Exploring Victoria Oluwaseun's "One House One Coconut Tree" Initiative...Harnessing Coconut value chains for investment opportunities

The initiative of Victoria Oluwaseun of One Community, One Industry fame for the empowerment of a large number of people to make them independent economically through the agricultural waste in their environment is taking another turn.

One will recall that the initiative which was launched in the first quarter of 2017 empowers people on the conversion of agricultural wastes to process and package different products like black soap, locust beans, coconut oil, and snail rearing among others, which participants can depend on for livelihood.

In a recent chat with our correspondent the initiator is launching her "One House One CoconutTree initiative" which is an investment opportunity in the Coconut value chain.

According to her, " Coconut, Cocos Nucifera is the number one palm tree with the highest economic value and accompanying investment opportunities along its value chains. Every part of the coconut tree and its fruit can be used or converted into valuable products.

In late 2020 amidst the invasion of the Corona Virus which affected the economy of both developed and developing nations which Nigeria is not excluded. The Initiator brought out the idea of the One House One Coconut Tree project as a way of boosting the economy or as an economic recovery for states in Nigeria.

As the initiator is preparing for a workshop on micro, small and medium enterprises, Mrs. Victoria Oluwaseun posed the question, " Why can our communities not produce coconut oil if every household could plant a coconut tree?"

The starting point for this move up the value chain is the availability of improved coconut tree seedlings which the initiator has sourced to encourage households to plant. This will later develop into connecting cluster or group that will act as a platform for members to forge networks for coconut oil production and other derivable products.

"In Nigeria today we go the extra miles in getting coconuts, this is because the demand for coconut is now far more than the supply which implies that we have low Coconut Plantation  in the Country." She said.

Speaking further, she explained; "To curb this pickle, brought about the idea of the One House One Coconut Tree Project. The Idea is that at least a household  should plant a coconut tree 

"Although  there is no limitation to the number of coconut trees that could be planted by a household, once they have enough land space, The Initiative is also proposing to interested members of the public that do not have the land to assist them in getting a land at suitable location and at friendly price."

The peculiarity of the coconut tree variety for the project includes fruiting between 3-5 years after planting and produces between 100-200 fruits in a cycle.

Aside from the many economical values of this coconut tree, the One Community One Industry Initiative is also ready to off-take the products once it starts fruiting from all those who participated in the project.

The coconut seedling which will be available by the end of June 2021 is N3000 only and will be available for distribution to everyone that has booked.

Made available below is the procedure for booking of the seedlings as arranged by the initiator:

1. Contact the Initiative through phone Call or WhatsApp; 08188611501, 08166668728 or visit our shop at Victo Concept and Services Ltd, opposite Life Support junction at Ireti Ayo, Ilesa, Osun State.

2. Indicate the desired quantity and make payment as payment validates the order

3. All those who had booked will be called to attend a One-day free Seminar.

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