Thursday 16 September 2021

The Imperative Of Unity In Osun State APC Family ...By Dami Bodunde

As we grapple with the election of ward , local government, state and national officers of our beloved and great party( All progressive Congress), It has become very imperative to remind all stakeholders and members of the Osun state chapter of the party , the need to remain absorbed and fully committed to the immediate and most sensitive goal at hand- thus , the need to ensure that our party “APC” remains the governing Party in Osun State in gubernatorial election in 2022 and beyond.

The state of Osun is distinctive in the federal republic of Nigeria and regarded by many people who know the story of APC as the first-son and harbinger of success of the APC as first opposition party to defeat an incumbent president and ruling  political party in the Nigerian political history.

However, this uniqueness is underlined by the fact that an Osun son , well respected patriarch , and the first interim national chairman in person of Chief Bisi Akande , who successfully negotiated the merger of Progressive political party into a political party for the first time in the history of political parties in Nigeria and also successfully organised the first National  convention of the APC, which led to the national working committee that eventually led the progressive to electoral victory at the national level for the first time in Nigerian political history.

Noted again significantly is the retrieval of the stolen mandate of our party from the reactionary opposition party PDP through the courts that paved way as Osun state became the harbinger of the success  of entrenchment in the south-west in the progressive politics in Nigeria till date.

However , we can’t afford another reactionary political party intolerant in the governance of Osun state , rather Lagos state should be the role model of entrenched progressive politics in Nigeria so that our people can continue to enjoy the fruits of policy constituency that reflects the will of political culture of our people and never suffer from the mishap of policy inconsistency and set back which can derail the progressive political culture of our people. 

Regardless of the outcomes of the ward, local government and state congresses of our party and various appeal emanating thereof , we should understand that we are a family with the same interests and goals in one accord for our party , thus our differences can never be fundamental ,  but can at most be only methodological , which means we should not become prodigal children in order to prove our worth in the family, as that can  amount to the spiking of our noses to blunt our faces. Note that Bauchi state APC debacle of the 2019 Gubernatorial election shall never be replicated in Osun state rather the 2022 Gubernatorial election in Osun state should provide the platform and opportunity for all members of Osun state APC family to prove their worth by the number of votes we shall deliver from our various polling units that shall translate to a landslide victory for Osun APC  in the coming gubernatorial election which automatically sends the message that the first-Son of APC state in Nigeria ( Osun ) is leading by example and is ready to become the harbinger of success of the emergence of the next APC President of our beloved country Nigeria in 2023.

Conclusively, the sacrifice for this goal can only be guaranteed by the unity of the APC family in our great state Osun ,as  we focus on all important tasks ahead of us to ensure victory of the APC in the 2022 Osun State gubernatorial election, hence the imperative unity of the APC family in Osun State.

Dami Bodunde writes from Ilesa East Local Government

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