Sunday 21 August 2022

Police Constabularies protest in Ilorin over non payments of salaries

A video of police constabularies protesting the non-payment of their salaries for one year has surfaced online, unsettling the Nigerian police.

The police command in Kwara condemned the protest, pointing out that the constabularies were not promised any pay when recruited.

“Due to the complaints of the constabulary regarding non-payment of stipends by the state government, they were invited today for a meeting by the state government on ways by which their complaints could be looked into,” said police commissioner in Kwara, Tuesday Assayomo, in a statement on Saturday.

The police chief added, “It was surprising that the same set of constabularies after the meeting with agents of the state government could go online with a video claiming that the government was owing them salaries for a year.”

Mr Assayomo added that the police did not owe the salary of any conventional policeman or the allowance of the special constabularies shown in the video.

”It is important to state that the concept of community policing and recruitment of special constabulary is voluntary in nature, meaning they are not on monthly remuneration like the conventional policemen,” the police commissioner explained. “This much the constabulary were briefed before taking up the job. Besides, the job is not a full-time job.”

According to him, the constabularies only receive allowances paid by the state government.

“Therefore, members of the public are advised to disregard the viral video as it was designed to embarrass the police and also to draw an undue sympathy from the public,” he added.

Mr Assayomo also mentioned that the constabularies were at liberty to disengage from the service if they so wished. 


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