Monday 9 January 2023

One feared Killed as Yoruba nation rally turns violent in Lagos....Watch Video

VIDEO: Click on the image to watch

Police on Monday fired teargas canisters to disperse members of the Yoruba nation movement who gathered in the Ojota area of Lagos for a rally.

The Yoruba nation agitators gathered around the Gani Fawehinmi freedom park, at the Ojota axis for a “mega rally” to demand what they described as a separate nation for the Yoruba people of Nigeria.

The rally started on a peaceful note, before violence erupted after police operatives fired teargas canisters at the agitators.

In some of this video that appeared on social media a man was seen on the ground at the scene of the incident, a police van was set ablaze while a voice ordered that the police station should be burnt.

Benjamin Hundeyin, spokesperson of the Lagos police command, said the police did not kill anyone during the rally while accusing the agitators of attacking the police during the “unlawful” gathering.

Hundeyin said someone died during the incident while claiming that police did not have a hand in the death.

“The police did not kill anybody. We had a record of one person dead. They attacked the police and the police retreated. The police were there to disperse the unlawful gathering and they attacked the police,” the Lagos police spokesperson said.

“Somebody died but the police did not kill anybody. Normalcy has returned.”

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