Thursday 9 February 2023


Majority of (us,) the enlightened, who are supposed to know, to seek, to champion, and to act decisively on the management and operations of mineral resources in Ijesaland are showing nonchalant attitude and disposition towards how these God's given endowments are being managed around us.

At best, we are very excellent in putting pen to paper to diagnose the causes and sources of the problems. In few cases proceed to profer solutions. But acting on the solutions is nobody's business, hence, the problem and its aftermath lingers on unsolved. 

Except the entire leadership of Ijesaland come together to speak with one voice on mineral resources mining, the exploiters around us masquerading as friendly investors shall continue to milk us dry without anything positive to show in our land after they are done with this time-bound exploration and exploitation.

On Sunday, 10th May, 2020, I initiated the birth of Ijesa Mineral Resources Development Forum (IMRDF), a body comprising of the best multidisciplinary eggheads in Ijesaland to identify and profer solutions in one hand and act on solutions proferred. In doing this, the body formerly chaired by me and now chaired by Mr Supo Shadiya has continually be engaging all the stakeholders, the Federal Government through the Ministry of Mines and Solid Minerals; the State Government through the office of Deputy Chief of Staff in Charge of Mineral Resources; the Six  Local Government in Ijesaland; Traditional Rulers; Political Leaders; Religious Leaders; Youth Leaders; Artesenal Miners; and General Community Leaders. 

Bulk of the focus of our meetings with the Stakeholders above was centred on Advocacy for safer mining practices; educating communities not to outrightly sell-off their ancestral lands to miners but rather lease them; educating them on the health implications of various chemicals employed in mining; educating communities on how to value mining lands for leasing or rental; and educating communities on their CSR rights and what to consider in signing any agreements. 

Unfortunately, the body did not enjoy the cooperation of the former State Government in many of the issues tabled before it to make Ijesaland optimise her gains in the management and operations of mineral resources in Ijesaland. Two prominent issues unattended to by the previous administration are the denial of IMRDF of the required recommendation letter for it to be registered by the CAC. Second, was the denial of Ijesaland a corporate mining license, from the available mining licenses procured by the State from the Federal Government, under Omoluabi Ventures, to enable all Ijesas come together and participate in the mining business. 

We had also engaged the Top Management of the only large scale mining in Nigeria, Thor Exploration Ltd the sole owner of Segilola. 

Our engagement with Thor Exploration Ltd Top Management has been tortuous. Being the only large scale mining organisation in Nigeria, we expect them to do much better than what they are currently doing in the area of Top Management Employment of Qualified Ijesas; Entering into Community Development Agreements with Human Face and Fairness; Encouragement of Backward Linkage Mining Businesses for the Youths; Fashioning  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that factors the present and future of the Communities after mining; and general social amenities that positively impact on the socioeconomic activities of the immediate mining communities and their environs.

In all of these, Thor Exploration Ltd has not fared well. We have copies of what they originally signed as Community Development Agreements which unfortunately were signed before the establishment of IMRDF where each of the three communities were given peanuts for the five years. Good enough, that agreement shall expire this year and we are only hoping that the communities concerned will be wiser this time. 


1. There's a need for Ijesaland as a Sub-Nation to rally round and support the mining communities in articulating and negotiating for a much fairer bargain. The good news is that the Mining Act of 2007 gives the Community the power to have a voice in the way and manner the local land is used. There is a need to support the indigenes of the mining communities with all our resources to ensure they have commensurate benefits from the hazards of mining in their environment. If you pass through Odo-Ijesa today, the old Community remains a sleepy one apart from the area being occupied by Segilola. Nothing has changed in the socioeconomic dynamics of the old town. 

2. There's a need for the entire leadership of Ijesaland to engage the State Government of Osun State. There is no justification to deny Ijesas a mining license under a fair arrangement. The entire Ijesaland needs to rally round the efforts of IMRDF in ensuring that Ijesas have both voice and hand in participating in their God's given endowments. 

3. There's a need for the elites in Ijesaland to eschew their personal interests for the collective and better interests of the whole of Ijesaland. 

As I write today, some of our water streams in Ijesaland are already polluted with life damaging mining chemicals. Some we in IMRDF had brought to the attention of the former Administration in the State while some are just being discovered with ongoing testing and investigation being carried out at IMRDF'S costs. 

4. Finally, there's a need to convene An All-Inclusive Leadership Meeting where our Paramount Ruler, Traditional Rulers, Leaders of Thoughts; Leadership of Pan-Ijesa Societies; Political Leaders; Professional Leaders;Religious Leaders; Women Leaders; and Youth Leaders are involved. 

There we will deliberate on how to move forward and chart engagement formats with all stakeholders in the mining sector. 

In addition, we would all agree to promote collective interests of Ijesaland and sanctions shall be determined for whoever breaches this sacredly agreed consensus. 

My thoughts!

Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi 

The Asiwaju of Ijesaland, 

Oke Baba Okuta Villa, Ilesa. 

07th February, 2023.

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