Wednesday 15 March 2023


A resounding birthday anniversary celebration to a perfect gentleman, a man of the people and a rare gem, Comr. Olaleke Lawrence Damilare fondly called 'UTILITY'  the CEO UTILITY Computer/Media Concept, and the Publicity Secretary to the All Progress Congress{APC} Modákéké  on this auspicious occasion.

It has pleased God to spare your life and also bless you Comr. Lawrence Olaleke Utility with longevity. May His Holy Name be praised. 

As a Younger Politician, Comr. Olaleke Lawrence Damilare Utility  marks his auspicious Birthday every 15th of March, our prayer is that he will live his full years not only in national relevance and prosperity but also in excellent health like the Biblical Moses who was _“as strong as ever and his eye sight was still good”._ *(Deut.34:7).* May he continue to be with us for guiding the party information's, Energetic in carrying out the future Party Assignments  and be always relevant in the next fifty years and beyond. 


Intending participants to contact +2348034549675

on or before Friday, 14th April, 2023

Without mincing words Law Utility has been serving God and humanity and the Almighty God has blessed him abundantly with a dutiful and good wife, children without exception, have turned out to be Our Party APC  Ambassadors.

As Comrd. Olaleke Lawrence Damilare Utility clocks a year older, our prayer is that God should grant him many more years with excellent health so that Nigeria and humanity will continue to benefit from his wealth of considerable experience and God's exceptional wisdom upon him

You have been tested, trusted and dependable enough to earn all the encomiums showered on you on this auspicious special occasion of your birthday anniversary.

You are a generous and Active Leader of Men with right Priorities for the Wellbeing, betterment and progress of our Party  in general.

You're indeed a great notable person  of our Party whose antecedent in all ramifications and philanthropy speaks the loudest volumes.

Overtime, you have demonstrated the essence of leadership in the Party   in different manners you are a special gift of GOD to humanity.

Many happy returns of fruitful, impactful and fulfilling years in sound health and endless happiness, AMEN.



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