Saturday, 15 April 2023

Ademola Adeleke and his hide-and-seek game By Adebayo Adedeji

In the Hermit Kingdom of Korea of the c1637-1876s, there existed the Joseon dynasty which ruled with strong hands and unscrupulous secrecy. The kingdom was fierce to suggestion and unfriendly to all countries except to China and Japan. Because affairs of the kingdom was conducted under shade of concealment, its rulers abused powers and were equally enmeshed in large scale corruption that retarded economic growth.

Similar to the brutish Joseon dynasty, another unreceptive dynasty is raising its monstrously ugly head in Osun State, and that is the Adeleke dynasty of Ede: a political empire whose rulers hate truth, abhor accountability and micromanage state affairs to serve only clannish interest.

Since last November when power exchanged hands in Osun State, the government said to be led by Senator Ademola Adeleke is wrapped in darkness, privacy and seclusion. Without due process, government contracts are awarded brazenly, ostensibly to enrich cronies and sustain economic hold on the finance of the state.

Of particular interest is the borehole project, flagship of the current administration, which is now a subject of controversy with allegation from civil rights groups and opinion moulders that public fund has been diverted to line pockets of family members of the dancing governor.

Rumour has been rife of how the state government awarded the water contract to Pacific Drilling Company owned by the governor's elder brother, Dr Deji Adeleke, at deeply shocking value of N14m per unit. 

Meanwhile, when the german shepherds of the governor were initially confronted with questions of the staggering cost of the borehole, rationalising the cost, they held that boreholes under construction in all the 332 wards across the state were solar powered industrial boreholes, and not a "ridiculously" cheap kick-and-start type their accusers assumed ! However, when the lie could no longer be sustained, especially when pictures and videos of a pocket of poorly done boreholes, whose unit value could not be more than N600,000, gained traction on social media, the lying machines retreated to cook more believable lies for the spellbound audience.

When the government returned with a press statement, Senator Adeleke could not answer the lingering questions of: how many borehole projects were awarded, where they are located, at what cost and to which contractor(s). The baroque governor continued his cache-cache, the hide-and-seek game he has been playing with the fortune of the Omoluabi state since he rammed into government November 27. 

According to him, those heckling him about financial details of the project should wait till June, when the state "accountant" supplies the figure, or they go and die!

People should wait till June to get financial details of over N4billion contract? What is Adeleke hiding? What is he hiding and seeking?

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