Sunday 9 April 2023

PDP Members Arrested Over Alleged Disappearance Of N200 Million Meant For Mobilisation

The Police Special Fraud Unit (SFU) has waded into the crisis in the Lagos State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), arresting some members of the Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) over the alleged diversion of the over N200 million meant for mobilisation during the presidential election.   

The arrest followed a court order in the petition by the Deputy Director of Volunteer and support groups of the PCC, Taiwo Kuye.

 In his petition, Kuye claimed that the leadership of the PCC in the state diverted the money. 

The police allegedly arrested a former member of the PCC, Ade Dosunmu and later granted him administrative bail.  

Following his release, the police have asked the PCC Chairman, Deji Doherty; Director of Finance, Alaketu Adedoyin, and the party’s Chairman, Philip Aivoji to appear before them next week. 


Kuye said: “They have been summoned by the Special Fraud Unit (SFU) of the police through a court order that Ade Dosunmu, Deji Doherty, Alaketu Adedoyin and Philip Aivoji should be arrested. All of them wanted to explain the role they played in the missing presidential election funds. 

“They have been informed severally but they refused to honour the invitation of the police. On Monday Ade Dosunmu was arrested at his residence in Apapa and was taken down to Ikoyi. His passport was seized and he was released on administrative bail that day for him to return on Tuesday but he did not show up.     

“But he has been told to return next week as others. Apart from Ade Dosunmu, the rest are still at large but hopefully, I know that the matter will get headway now that the SFU is involved and are directly in charge. 

“All we wanted is for them to account for the money given to them. These people worked against our party, the money meant for our party to pursue the election, you stole it somewhere and that shows that you are working for the opposition.   

“How do you expect the PDP to win the election in Lagos when those responsible for the election funds diverted it? 

“The party needs a total cleansing at this stage immediately after the matter at the presidential election tribunal from the national to the least because there are a lot of disloyal members and intruders in the party.” 

Kuye urged the PDP National Working Committee (NWC) to suspend the leadership of the party in Lagos over the role they played in the election.

Spokesman for Lagos PDP Hakeem Amode said he could not speak for people who are no longer members of the party. 

He said: “Don’t forget that Ade Dosunmu is no longer a member of our party. Then, allegedly, Doherty too has left the party to the All Progressives Congress (APC). So, you are asking me to give you information about people who are no longer members of our party.” 

Amode also said he was not aware of any diverted money. He said: “I’m not aware of this process and it has not been brought up at the exco meeting at least to discuss it. And I cannot tell you what I’m not aware of.” 

All efforts made by our correspondent to reach Aivoji for comments were unsuccessful as he neither answered his calls nor responded to a text message sent to his phone.


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