Wednesday 3 May 2023

OSUN APC TO PDP: Your Tirade Against Oyetola On Party Reposition Shows Your Desperation, Hopelessness

The Osun State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has lambasted the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state over its use of extreme gutter expressions on the immediate-past Governor Gboyega Oyetola over the party's reposition committee that he successfully inaugurated in Osogbo, the state capital, on Monday.

According to the Osun  State Acting chairman of the APC, Sooko Tajudeen Lawal, in a statement issued by the party's Director of Media and Information, Chief Kola Olabisi, in Osogbo today, since it is globally axiomatic that a gentleman is a fool during the period of a crisis is what prompted the level of acerbity of this response to justify the fact that no one has a monopoly of violence be it oral or physical.

In Lawal's words: "Having read through the make-believe harangue from the stable of the PDP, we make bold to state that the jeremiad was a product woven together by proxy originated by an enemy within who is not comfortable with the repositioning process of the APC  and given to own by a moronic and obvious imbecilic party leader who only appended his signature.

"It won't be an overstatement to classify the offensive and ill-mannered written PDP statement against former Governor Oyetola with a biblical expression that 'the hand is that of Esau while the voice is that of Jacob'.

"It's also apposite to impress it in the subconscious of the hidden author and his allies that the All-knowing and perfect God in His wisdom created human beings with different forms of characters by delienating unrepentant from those who perpetually belong to the streets and the absolutely gentle ones.

"If not for an ulterior motive, how does the schism in house 'A' become the business of house 'B'?  What has the repositioning effort in the APC got to do with the PDP if not that the latter is acting the roles of a meddlesome interloper?

"Why is it that the Osun PDP leadership and its allies are always afraid of the physical sight and shadow of Governor Oyetola who performed optimally and meritoriously during his four-year tenure in the state?

"Why is it that whenever Oyetola speaks, the PDP camp and its nocturnal political allies instantly catch cold, become rattled, jittery and uncomfortable?

"The reason is not far-fetched as a notorious armed robber can never wish his victim well and experience has shown that conscience is always the repelling reason for a thief to always avoid the sight of the owner of a stolen item.

"While it is viewed as an act of stupidity for a decent man to roll along with a pig in its natural habitat of a swamp, it is worthwhile to be grateful to God Almighty that our candidate, Alhaji Oyetola, who is an embodiment of what any rational parents desire for their offsprings, is neither a knucklehead nor a perpetual satellite human being at 60 plus.

"One wonders the sin of Oyetola in the current scheme of things.

"Is it Oyetola who is responsible for the obvious lack of the administrative prowess of Nuru where things are going topsy turvy under his nose?

"How is it the fault of Oyetola that Nuru knows only how to spend money but he is bereft of the ideas that can fetch him money in and outside the government?

"Those who are pathologically challenged beyond redemption know themselves and the discerning minds in the society also know Oyetola as a deep thinker who deployed his wealth of experience to stabilise the Osun economy.

"Should Oyetola be blamed for a political armed robber who forcefully snatches a car but lacks the know-how to start and drive such a stolen car, which has now become a problem?

"Those who are ganging up against Oyetola within and outside our party are only chasing the shadow as no intrique formed against him would prevent the wish of God from manifesting in his life in all his endeavours", Lawal pleaded.


*Sooko TAJUDEEN LAWAL,                             Acting Chairman,                                              Osun State APC.*

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