Wednesday 27 September 2023

Asaba National Youth Game: Ekiti State Governor Clarifies N20 Million Allocation Amidst Poor Kitting Scandal

Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Biodun Oyebanji, has provided clarification regarding the allocation of N20 million for the ongoing seventh Junior National Sports Festival in Asaba, Delta State.

The governor expressed his concern over the poor quality of kits provided to the state’s athletes participating in the sports event by government officials.

Governor Oyebanji addressed this matter during a Town Hall Meeting With Stakeholders in Ekiti South Senatorial District as part of preparations for the 2024 Budget. He expressed bewilderment at the substandard kits and emphasized the need for responsible governance.

He warned public servants against engaging in fraudulent activities that could tarnish the state’s reputation. He revealed that he had recalled the General Manager of the State’s Sports Council, Mr. Adekunle Adeyemi, from the National Sports Festival in Asaba due to alleged corruption and severe neglect of responsibilities.

The governor recounted the embarrassing situation in which officials proposed N25 million for the sports festival, and he approved N20 million for the event.

However, the officials failed to procure the necessary kits for the athletes. To deceive him, they provided kits for the governor himself, making it appear as if they had fulfilled their responsibilities. Regrettably, the athletes representing Ekiti State did not receive the required kits, and their accommodations were inadequate.

Governor Oyebanji expressed disappointment that individuals entrusted with such responsibilities would engage in such misconduct.

He urged the public to help hold government officials accountable and encourage them to act with integrity. The governor also highlighted his concern for the psychological well-being of the affected children and revealed that a psychologist had been sent to speak with them to provide support.

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