Sunday 1 October 2023

Sesan Adeleke: an Idle mind seeking attention......By Waheed Adekunle

As a young media practitioner, I am not trained to attack personality for whatever stance and under whatever guise, neither do I ever resolve to insult or assault you for any reason. But since you have chosen to attack rather than addressing the contentious issue, then, it has become a necessity to point you to a direction you belong where your venoms can be better swallowed. 

I am not surprised that you are coming up with this since it is obvious that an idled hand will forever remain a devil's abode. I thought you have manner and integrity seeing you around noble minds in the pen profession, but a closed assessment of your personality vis-a-vis your inward and outward dispositions shows clearly that you are a riffraff of no tangible substance. 

You don't deserve an attention of someone Iike me let alone a respected media guru in Ismail Omipidan. Seeing just four comments on your Facebook page where you dumped your boorish in the last 24hours, was even enough for me not to react but for the purpose of those that may stumble on your abrasiveness, it becomes imperative to cut you to your size. 

You are a brutish and a glance at your gibberish would leave no one in doubt of your miserable weight and indeed, what you represent. 

You are seeking an attention no doubt to impress your paymaster who had overtimes sold out his conscience for sociopolitical gains. If you are better informed, you would have known. The sociopolitical pundits and discerning minds in the state that know the political trajectory and antecedents of your paymaster can attest to the fact that he is only masquerading in the holy garment which is far from his conscience and acts. 

Take a look at Omipidan 's responses again with an open mind, you will know he indeed addressed the issues raised. His reference to May was informed by the intelligence he gathered to the effect that Rev. Jenyo began interfacing with the ministry staff even before his formal inauguration in July. Assuming without conceding that he indeed took over in July and not May, tell us what he did since July when he formally assumed office? To this end, I see your obnoxious comment an affront to what was alleged as it lacks common sense and intellect expected from a full grown young man like you.

It is crystal clear that the principal of your paymaster has failed woefully beyond redemption as his self-acclaimed populist mantra - a political gimmick sold to the people of the state to clinch the coveted position of a state governor had drastically dwindled beyond redemption.

It is on record that your paymaster's principal had resulted to propaganda to thrive since assumption of office, an adventure and political voyage that had further exposed the hidden rots in his personality and the government he superintendents. No doubt he was unable to see refined individuals to serve under his watch except rouble-rousers.

On the claim over Ila General Hospital hospital equipment, go and check the response of Mallam Olawale Rasheed when he tried to attack the person of Omipidan and please be courageous to publish your findings so the readers can know who the true liars are ?

Again, go back to the speech of your paymaster 's Principal when he marked his 100 days in office and a few press releases from Mallam Rasheed and put side by side the one from PDP party chairman in the state where for the first time the government admitted it completed the Ikirun Road contrary to its earlier claims.  Again,  feel free to publish your findings for public consumption. 

If you are a sensible fellow as expected of you, how on earth would a reasonable specie conclude that a thoroughbred professional like Omipidan that served his principal and the state meritoriously would regurgitate resentment for the mere loss of an election? This could only come from figment of imagination of a useless person like you who has become a barkingdog in the hands of political jobbers and interlopers.

Reading through your emotion-laden and unsavoury commentary that was full of incoherence and irrational thinking, it is obvious that you lack decorum and courtesy which you ignorantly displayed all the in the name of satisfying the curiosity of your paymaster. 

In your words; "Mr. Omipidan's agony of being booted out of the public office he enjoyed on a platter of gold on 27th November 2022, has constituted himself to be a public noise whose voice of reasoning has portrayed a deviant, disgruntled, and an unscrupulous extremist in his personality. Pundits and political analysts have attested to this", this alone shows clearly that you are not in a clear or right state of mind while putting this nonsense together, otherwise you would have known what to say. 

Omipidan joined the train of progressive government in August 2019, almost a year after the erstwhile administration had been inaugurated and he was found worthy in character, integrity and professionalism throughout the period he stayed in office as he bagged several merited awards of excellence for being outstanding in the discharge of his duty, and I am sure, you can attest to this positivity only if you chose to be sincere with your conscience. 

Omipidan is not distressed as you portrayed him. He is not jobless because he has his job even before accepting the offer of the erstwhile Governor to serve as his spokesperson, he was known in the mainstream of pen profession as a Political Editor of The Sun Newspaper. What is the profession of your paymaster?

After leaving office as the CPS, he has been doing his job with high level of professionalism, integrity and honesty and this had endeared him more to the lovers of truth particularly his principal who insisted that he continues to work around and for your information, he is the head of the media team of the Honourable Minister of Marine and Blue Economy.

If not for personal gains, you won't go as far as comparing the former Governor with your paymaster who claimed to be Personal Assistant to the incumbent Governor while he appeared at the Election Petition Tribunal to defend what's not. Well, that is not for discussion now.

Claiming that Oyetola abandoned Osogbo/Ikirun/Okuku/Ila-Odo dual road is not only wicked but inhuman, as you and I know where the former Governor Rauf Aregbesola stopped and where Oyetola took up the construction before the emergence of the present administration. If not for sinister motives, I am sure you know that your paymaster's principal made several nonexistent claims on the little job done on the road to score cheap political gains before many of such were later busted.

You and I know that Oyetola was not a desperate politician whose insatiable appetite for power has no limit, as he ensured a levelled-plain ground for all before, during and after the 2022 governorship election in the state otherwise, you would have seen the results.

When I was pondering on what could have been the yardstick to support and elect a disgruntled hand like you into the respected office of the Vice Chairman, State Chapter of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, the info gotten was enough to know why you were denied a return bid.

Finally, I will be glad if you will be humble enough to revisit your outbursts and correct the word 'equipment' in all the chapters where it was mentioned. There is nothing like "equipments", for grammatical correctness. Thanks as you do so.

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