Sunday 14 January 2024

Osun CACOL Secretariat Loses Items Worth Millions Of Naira to Burglars

The Osun State secretariat of the Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership (CACOL) has been looted by burglars with sev­eral of its sensitive and non-sen­sitive operational and adminis­trative items stolen.

CACOL Chairman, Debo Adeniran, in a statement signed by Tola Oresanwo, the group’s Director, Administration, in La­gos, said that several items were removed during the raid.

Adeniran, however, stated that the exact day the building, which houses the group’s office was burgled, was not yet known as it happened during the yule­tide break.

Adeniran informed that CACOL’s State Coordinator in Osun State, Mrs. Lola Wey, had visited the office on Saturday, January 5, 2024 to tidy it up and noticed that some people had forced their way into the office after damaging one of the win­dow’s burglary proofs.

Adeniran added: “Apparently sensing that the majority of the people in the area are in festive mood as a result of the Christmas and New Year celebrations, the marauders, whose other inten­tions, aside the clear stealing, remain sketchy, carted away sev­eral valuable.

According to the statement, items stolen from the office included three laptops, photo­copying machine, scanner and projector.

Others, it added, included vid­eo recording camera, two ceiling fans, one scanner, one standing fan, one red radio, two laptops, six metal covering of the gutter, two wall clocks, one techno iPad, among several others.

According to the CACOL boss, “In their bid to gain en­trance to the office, they broke the burglary proof of one of the windows and damaged shelves, broke into wardrobes that housed some vital files and carted away whatever they found worthwhile of their nefarious motives; some of which we are yet to ascertained.”

Adeniran remarked, “We are still amazed at the manner of des­peration that could warrant this kind of burglary into a human rights and anti-corruption office, where one could hardly find raw cash.”

The development, he sated, only showed how shameless and conscienceless many had fallen in their nefarious acts.

He said: “We have formally lodged a complaint at the Dada Estate Police Station of the Ni­gerian Police over the burglary and stealing, we only hope such elements would desist from their evil ways before they inevitably meet with their nemesis

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