Saturday 17 February 2024


BACKGROUND: Of the six established Leventis Foundation Schools in Nigeria, Leventis Foundation Agricultural Training School, Ilesa is the most resource endowed for the full complement  in Agricpreneurship Training & Development AND THE ONLY ONE IN THE SOUTHERN PART OF NIGERIA STILL IN USE!

The available courses in the 1-year study are not only amazing but they provide instant self-employment opportunities for all prospective graduates of the School. All the courses are market-driven empowering the lucky candidates to become not only self employed but also transiting to job creators in Ijesaland, 36 States plus FCT in Nigeria, and in the global economy. 

In the last few weeks, the leadership of Ijesa Community Development Assembly (ICDA) has been engaging the top management of Leventis Foundation in Nigeria under its Executive Director, Dr Hope Usieta.

As many may be aware, the school has not been operational for almost three years now due to paucity of counterpart funding from the State Government to complement what the Foundation provides in running the school for the benefit of Nigerians.

The Chairman of Ijesa Community Development Assembly (ICDA), Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi promptly initiated meeting with the top management of the Foundation with a view to get a good bargaining for the School to start operating immediately. 

Traditionally, the government supports with financial amounts appropriate to her statutory responsibility but Chairman ICDA was able to drastically negotiate this down to what the Ijesa Community can afford. 

In return for the financial amount to be committed by the ICDA, the Chairman ICDA is glad to report back that we prudently and strategically negotiated and secured a more than commensurate and generous offer in return for our proposed financial commitments. 

The highlights of our fruitful discussion and negotiations are summarised below:

A: Ijesa Community Development Assembly (ICDA).

1. Pay a generously discounted counterpart fund of a total sum of N20,000,000 (Twenty Million Naira) only per annum. 

2. Produce the number of agreed Ijesa indigenes to the School for trtraining

3. Enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) detailing the terms and conditions of our partnership with Leventis Foundation Nigeria. 

4. Monitor the academic and behaviourial performance of Ijesa Students in the School. 

5. Liaise with the School and other financial institutions in providing free-interest bankable loans to graduating students so that the Students can immediately integrate into both Nigerian and global economy upon completion of their training. 



1. The School has a capacity to train a total of 100 Students per academic session of one year. 

2. The School as a National Foundation that traditionally spreads its admission of recruiting its 100 Students from the 36 States and FCT. Which means, an average of 2 to 3 Students per State. 

3. In the academic session of 2024, the School in its partnership with Ijesa Community Development Assembly (100) shall recruit its entire admission of 100 Students from the six LGAs in Ijesaland ONLY. 

4. In the fulfilment of item number 3, the School shall immediately and promptly advertise for a supplementary admission ONLY for Ijesa Indigenes.

5. The 2024 academic session shall resume not later than the first week in March 2024.

6. All the scheduled curriculum of the School shall be fully delivered before the students graduate. 

7. The School shall provide tuition-free to all the 100 Students 

8. The School shall provide academic training materials to all the 100 Students at no extra cost. 

9. The School shall be responsible for the accommodation of all the 100 Students for the entire 1-year study period at no fee.

10. The School shall be responsible for the feeding of the 100 Students throughout the 1-year study period at no fee. 

11. The School shall in addition pay Stipends to the 100 Students on monthly basis and throughout the 1-year study period. 


The Chairman ICDA has  reached out to about 15 illustrious Ijesa Compatriots in the last few days. 

It is heartwarming to report that we have secured firm commitment from these esteemed Ijesa Compatriots to pay up in another couple of days so that ICDA can in turn pay the Leventis Foundation Nigeria immediately the two parties endorse the partnership MoU latest by end of this February 2024.


In the light of the urgency of this exercise and the need to ensure that adequate Ijesa indigenes, male and female alike of between ages 18 and 40 years are mobilised ahead of the supplementary admission, the ICDA Chairman has in the last 15 hours accordingly briefed and sensitised our Community Leaders, namely:

1. His Imperial Majesty Owa Obokun Adimula and Paramount Ruler of Ijesaland. 

2. Elegboro of Ijebu-jesa 

3. Alademure of Ibokun 

4. Ogboni of Ipole 

5. Owaloko of Iloko-ijesa 

6. Owamiran of Esa-Oke 

7. Ajalaiye of Ipetu-Ijesa 

8. Adimula of Ifewara 

9. Oloja of Ibodi 

10. Olosu of Osu 

11. Tirimi of Iperindo 

12. Owa Ooye of Imesi-Ile 

In addition to the physical consultation above, Leventis Foundation School shall also be immediately employing the electronic media in Ijesaland to disseminate the fresh admission examination and interview which we have agreed shall hold on Saturday, 24th February 2024 at the School premises in Imo, Ilesa. 


1. Candidate must be certified Ijesa Indegene

2. Candidate must be physically fit and healthy 

3. Candidate must demonstrate passion for agriculture 

4. Candidate should be able to read and write and preferably Secondary School Certificate holder

5. Candidates should be between ages 18 and 40 years old 

6. Admission open to both male and female. 

7. Candidate must be ready to resume School in the first week of March 2024 if admitted. 


For further enquiries, please contact 08086186503 and 08024443435



Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi, 


Ijesa Community Development Assembly (ICDA).

Oke Baba Okuta Villa, Ilesa. 

15th February, 2024.

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