Wednesday 24 April 2024

Ijesa South PDP and the Economy of Truth..... (Opinion of Oladimeji Lasore)

    Photo of Omooba Dotun Babayemi's ATUNTO OSUN gathering 

We have lie, short and sweet and we have lie, difficult to believe. When a writeup is muffled out with fewer utterances of “truth” it means the writer has a fear of an unpleasant fact and run the risk of being caught out. To be economical with the truth signified a bad thing.

Following their last Sunday naked dance at the Okesa market, Ilesa, Osun State, the Ijesa South Media team of the People's Democratic Party PDP came with the headline,  “POLITICAL TSUNAMI HITS ALL PROGRESSIVE CONGRESS (APC)  IN ILESA EAST LOCAL GOVERNMENT, OSUN STATE."


What again caught my attention was their opening paragraph that reads.."About 1000 APC members of the ALL PROGRESSIVE CONGRESS (APC) in ilesa East Local Government dumped the party..."

One can only but wonder why the media team opted to deceive their readers by deliberately not telling them the whole truth about the scenario. 

Why are they lying about it when they have collated the identities of the defectors and made same public?

The list included 115 defectors serially numbered. How is this come to "about 1000"?

Even then,. in their purported 115 defectors, the list still included some that are PDP members from its formation. "Defectors" number 90 Aluko Bimbola and 98 Awodola Gbenga have never left PDP. One can therefore observe how they struggled to make up a list of over a hundred defectors.

Whereas it is true that majority of the 115 defectors were APC member and they were led into PDP by Mr. Popoola Alaba a.k.a Alabama.

On the contrary and to the best of my knowledge, these are the remnants of The Osun Progressives (TOP) members in Ilesa East LG that worked for the PDP at the last governorship election. Seemingly, they have realized that there's no hope in whatever is the plan of their leader, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola as they do not want to be a third force in Osun politicking. I don't want to mention any other names apart from those mentioned by the Media team, Alaba Popoola was the coordinator of Rauf Aregbesola's TOP in Ilesa East LG and Dele Korede also played a leading role before the caucus metamorphosised into Omoluwabi caucus.

One is left to ask the question "what has Ilesa East LG APC lost? Going through the list one would realize that those left with Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola in his local government are deserting him (This is not to say that they are all crossing to the PDP, some are coming back to the mainstream APC fold). "Ogbon agbonju, maa npologbon lara." 

There are two unpleasant facts here that steer the Ilesa East PDP in the face, one, Alaba Popoola (Alabama) has used them all as tools (Alabama gbe won ni handicap), because of the position given to him, he's now the starboy of Ijesa South PDP, even, the commissioners report to him when they need money to attend social functions. "Dem monkeys don suffer work for over 12 years and now nah baboon dey chop." 

Those PDP boys dancing naked did all the work while more Aregbesola boys are coming to take all the glory and reap all the benefits. They refuse to see this act of exploitation but prefer to lie that Alabama has brought 1000 defectors.

Two, the real tsunami to hit Osun PDP is warming up with Omooba Dotun Babayemi's ATUNTO OSUN. Sure, Sunday Bisi, the Osun PDP Chairman coming from Ilesa East LG is worried that just after a year and a half the movement to unseat Ademola Adeleke has started. On this I won't say much for now.


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