Wednesday 1 May 2024

Adeleke's Ilesa Ipade Imole, A Mere Political Jamboree, Session Of Deceits.. - Osun APC


The Osun State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has castigated the state Governor Ademola Adeleke for, once again, subjecting the people of the state to avoidable ridicule following his poor outing, show of shame and institutionalization of misinformation at the hurriedly organized second edition of Ipade Imole hosted at Adekunle Aromolaran Civic Centre, Ilesa.

Commenting on the programme, the Osun State chairman of the APC, Sooko Tajudeen Lawal, in a statement issued by the party's Director of Media and Information, Chief Kola Olabisi, today stated the talk-show was a huge waste of time to the generality of Osun people who had looked forward to confronting their governor with serious questions bordering on allegation of violation of public procurement law, mismanagement of about N300bn revenue accrued to the state in the last 16 months and diversion of Federal Government food palliatives meant for the state.

The state APC chairman in his appraisal explained that the obviously teleguided Ipade Imole was the worst in the history of such programme by any of the state governors in the history of the state as it lacked all the necessary ingredients to categorize it as an accountability programme of any serious government.

He stated that apart from the fact that the governor's address was  read in a staccato manner like an academically-challenged primary six pupil, it was heavily laced with lies, which in the end confirmed the people's fear that the supposed leader of the state is a mere figurehead with no intellectual capacity, moral rectitude and political will to shepherd the state to the promised land.

Lawal queried Adeleke's claim on non-borrowing when in 2023, his government accessed N10bn loan from international financial institutions to oil some of the infrastructural projects going on in the state, including the Ilesa Water Project. 

Lawal marvelled why Governor Adeleke was not bold to disclose to the people of the state that his government would borrow additional N12bn this year from Islamic Development Bank and World Bank to fund the Ilesa Water Project, Rural Access and Agricultural Marketing Project ( RAAMP 3), Community and Social Development projects like O-CARES and Social Support Programme (Cash Transfer to Indigent Elderly in the state ).

Lawal also asked why: "How on earth would Governor Adeleke have the effrontery to state that his government has been balancing stomach infrastructure with capital project infrastructure when it is to the discredit of his government how he has been hoarding and warehousing the Federal Government's fuel subsidy removal palliatives in cash and food items meant for the needy in the state?

"How on earth would Governor Adeleke who combines works ministry with his governorship duties, appointed his late brother's wife a commissioner; appointed an inexperienced son of his late brother the chairman of the local government service commission; appointed the Chief of Staff from his town in Ede; cornered all juicy ministries for his people; appointed an Ede man the substantive Rector of The Osun State Polytechnic, Iree; appointed the highest number of Permanent Secretaries from his home town and many more, would be absolving himself of favouritism?

 "Will it be true to say that a governor who awarded a multi-billion naira state contract to a  company belonging to a serving Deputy Speaker of the state House of Assembly, the Chairman of Governing Council of University of Ilesa and other unqualified companies could be said  to be operating within the spirit of due process?

"If not for comic relief, why would a serious governor choose such an occasion of Ilesa to manufacture lies about the establishment of University of Ilesa when every decent folk knows that Ex-Governor Adegboyega Oyetola started the university? 

"Why should a governor who is worth his salt goad, pressure and heckle the audience to clap for him when such should come effortlessly without prompting from any quarters?

"Again, the superficial comment of Governor Adeleke that the Osogbo City Stadium was receiving an attention under the supervision of the deputy governor was a fluke as information abound that all the past matches due for the dilapidated stadium are being played in the nearby Kwara State.

"It was a pity that Governor Adeleke bungled another opportunity to console with the Ijesa people on the 17 of their sons who were slaughtered like rams by the PDP thugs during the last electioneering.

"If Adeleke and his co-travellers think that the Ijesa people have forgotten that the PDP candidates achieved their fraudulent electoral victory by stepping on the blood of the innocent members and supporters of the APC, they are making a very great mistake of their lives as it is he who feels it that knows it better.

"In its totality, the Ipade Imole held in Ilesa today was uninspiring, just as it was a jamboree designed to massage the  ego of the mediocre governor of the state, " the state chairman submitted.



 *Chairman, Osun State APC*

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