Friday 5 July 2024

AN OPEN LETTER TO GOVERNOR ADEMOLA ADELEKE OF OSUN STATE..- Query official trip of Osun State College of Technology Esa-Oke Governing Council to Porto-Novo, Benin Republic now.

It's disheartening that some set of people still believe in wasting government resources despite the economy hardship going on in the state. Or can the citizens of this state believe that Osun state is now financially buoyant that everybody including the political office holders can waste the resources?

The recent trip embarked upon by OSCOTECH GOVERNING Chairman Prince Diran Odeyemi and some members of his Council is nothing but a waste of resources in which I expect Mr governor as visitor to the school to query the trip and instruct every members of the delegations to refund total amount wasted on the trip that can never assist or in any form help the state.

According to Prince Diran Odeyemi in a short statement posted on his personal Facebook handle, he said "OSCOTECH Governing Council members in Porto-Novo for a week education on Agriculture Mechanism. Our target-to employ and feed a larger number of Osun populace as a Technological institution". Below the short statement were pictures of where the delegations were eaten and sites visited including ancient fish ponds and olden well-water.

If I will not exaggerating in Osun state we have several standard fish ponds. Moreover, there is a fish farm in the Eastern part of Nigeria which is even biggest in the West Africa. I don't know why OSCOTECH GOVERNING COUNCIL neglected such farm to aids their Agricultural Mechanism plan.

I am very optimistic that the trip will cost the citadel of learning millions of Naira which can be used on many other meaningful things that will help the state. When talking about Agricultural Mechanism, we are talking about "THE USE OF MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT, RANGING FROM SIMPLE AND BASIC HAND TOOLS TO MORE SOPHISTICATED, MOTORIZED EQUIPMENT AND MACHINERY, TO PERFORM AGRICULTURAL OPERATIONS." 

Mr Governor sir, going by the above definition or description of "Agricultural Mechanism" as stated in the short statement of Prince Odeyemi it is crystal clear that the sites visited by OSCOTECH GOVERNING COUNCIL is not in any form comply with the real definition or description of Agricultural Mechanism.  The delegations visited olden days well (Kanga A-de aye-ba) and concrete ponds ....... Haba.

Excellency sir, what as Osun state gain from millions of Naira Oyinlola's government used to send some people to Songhai to study how Agriculture is done in the country? If those that visited SONGHAI failed us , how can those who visited Porto-Novo that copy same Songhai help our state. Enough of wasteful spending in this state.

In my own opinion and in the interest of the state, these Council members should return total amount wasted to Porto-Novo, Benin Republic and government should henceforth scrutinize anyone or delegations aiming to travel in the name of bringing investors or excursion. 

The person that package this trip for our people did it in their own selfish interest and not in the interest of the state or students of the institution.

Thanks you sir 

Bashorun Adekanola Desmond

Writes from Ilie, Olorunda LG, Ward 11.


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