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Hypocrisy and Religion... Ijesa born Netiziens chide Adeleke on Avoiding demolition of Ilesa Central Mosque

Taking to the internet, people shared their take on the trend. "ls religious organization bane of development? Ilesa Roundabout-Brewery-Akure expressway on my mind." posted by Isaac Haastrup of Gold FM, Ilesa on his Facebook timeline on Monday.

The trend reportedly became popular as soon as it was shared as critical comments among Ijesa born users of the internet, who are actively engaged in online discussions of political and social issues began to drop in.

Adetunji Lukman Ademola who seemed to be in support of Governor Ademola Adeleke's recent declaration to save the Ilesa Central Mosque from demolition following the ongoing construction of Ilesa Roundabout-Brewery-Akure expressway into a dual carriage road said:

"Shouldn't (sic... be demolished) but needs to be handled with care, today it is a mosque issue and not just a mosque but llesa Central Mosque, where is other place around that area to site such a magnificent Mosque to that will not be far to the Palace of Owa, Central Mosque do at at a close range to Palace and if there can be no place for such, has to be handled with care. If it is opposite side, the tantrum will be more than what we are hearing. Thanks for your understandings beyond religion sentiments."

Replying to Adetunji Lukman Ademola comment, Kehinde Abiodun Ajetomobi asked:

"It's necessary to be close to palace? What is the king palace as to do with mosque?"

Bobaseye Akinyemi Olusegun Fasakin in his own remarked wrote that.. "It is important to note that the addition of the word "Central" does not necessarily imply the presence of a mosque at the center of llesa. There is no Ilesa Central Church. Considering the compensation provided by the Osun Government, it would be appropriate to relocate the mosque to a suitable location within the city."

Aduroja Temitope also asked to know if "the mosque is better than people's properties that worth millions of naira that were demolished? Governor Makinde did the same at Iwo road lbadan. He relocated the mosque to another place and it was constructed and commissioned within one and a half year."

Wale lyaniwura also expressed a similar opinion:

"The Apostolic Church (Nig) Olaiya, Oshogbo was demolished to pave way for development and peace reign. I'm sure government would have paid them compensation. That location of the ljesa Central Mosque is absurd. Sacrifice has to be made to enable township development."

Williams Rotimi Olowe wrote that "the Apostolic Church Osogbo was affected during Rauf Era. Why? Ilesa central mosque shouldn't be exceptional."

Daramola Oluwole in his own comment noted that "during the regime of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola as Osun State Governor. He relocated THE APOSTOLIC CHURCH NIGERIA Osogbo headquarters from Ola-lya junction to Odi-Olowo Osogbo heaven didn't falI."

Daramola Oluwole went down memory lane as he remembered vividly "when Ogbeni was still the Governor of Osun State, he said that he will relocate the subject matter from that place to another place IF AND ONLY IF GOVERNMENT PURSE IS FATTEN THEN! And he said can any Islamic Scholar tell him where it's written in Holy Quran that Mosque must be in the Center of the City; Town or Village?"

Dr Adewale Bolorunduro wrote:

"Don't worry Imole will navigate the banana peel again like Unilesa that was not included in 5 year plan. But imole made it happen. it will end in praise."

Daramola Oluwole taking his example from the USA commented that "liberty status in america was at the third position at present. it was relocated from two various positions to pave way for development in the city."

Fabunmi Tope cautioned that "If the Mosque at llesa Round About is left untouched, then no Christian Worship Centre along the proposed way should be demolished."

A netizien using "A peaceful marriage guidance" as Facebook user's name wrote: "Governor Seyi Makinde (Oyo State) he relocated the mosque at iwo road roundabout and rebuilt another. For development to happen, such must be done irrespective of the religion."

Abiodun Olusesi advised that "For the safety of the worshippers, the building should be removed to another location.When the road is complete, the vehicular movements will be high,so as not to cause several casualties."

Amos Folaju expressed that "Any religious organization be church or mosque obstructing the right of way of the road construction should be pulled down after proper notifications. No religious organization should be an hindrance to development in any society."

Cameo Akinolá Ajílóre observed that "The fact that we are hearing this publicly indicates that the government is unwilling to compensate for the demolition. I believe the ljesha Muslim community is pleased with the development. It is possible that the government is not ready to do what they expect."

George lbironke..."Religious leaders are spiritual and any spiritual person must abide by the rules of the government especially when non religious indigenous people but also spiritual have accepted the rules of the government, we expected the religious leaders to be the first to accept and embrace development.

Femi Fadipe Oloka...."Are they enemy of progress?"

Dr. Adigun Adewoye....."That's what they are in Nigeria. Imagine a religious organization crying wolf over destruction of mosque for modern development. The unserious Osun governor appeasing to them not to tamper with the buildings. What a shame. I am pissed off."

Victor Kolawole Jaskolly..."Hypocrisy and religion"


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