Thursday 18 May 2017

Our Diary on Osun Coroner Inquest Into Adeleke's Death

Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola, says a coroner inquest into the death of the first civilian governor of the state, Senator Isiaka Adeleke has become imperative to put an end to the controversy that trailed his death.

He explained that the sudden passage of the late politician, his status and the circumstances surrounding the incident informed the decision of the State Government to investigate his death.

“The suddenness of the death and the huge confusion that accompanied it, the circumstances and the importance of the deceased made it very important for our government to put in place the inquest using the instrumentality of the law,” the governor said.

According to him, Magistrate Olusegun Ayilara would lead the coroner Inquest which he said must be concluded within three weeks.

“I am using today, an instrument pursuant to Section 3 subsection 1 and 2 of the Coroner Law Cap 32, Laws of the State of Osun 2002, to appoint and empower Mr Olusegun Ayodele Ayilara, Chief Magistrate, to order an inquest under the Coroner Law Cap 32 Volume 1, Laws of the State of Osun 2002, as to the cause of the death of late Senator Isiaka Adeleke of country home Ede in Osun State, who died a sudden death of which the cause is unknown on the 23rd of April, 2017,” he added.

Earlier, the Osun State Solicitor-General and Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice, Mrs Abiola Adewemimo, stressed the importance of the inquest.

She expressed optimism that the coroner inquest would create the chance to explore all avenues to investigate the cause of Adeleke’s death, and also bring the controversy his death created to an end.

The family of Sen. Isiaka Adeleke, who died on April 23, has rejected  the coroner inquest instituted by Gov. Rauf Aregbesola of Osun.

While addressing a press conference on Sunday in Ede, the immediate younger brother of the deceased, Deji , alleged that the outcome of the inquest was predetermined.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Aregbesola had on May 2 signed an executive order setting up a coroner inquest into the  death of the senator.

The order was according to the Coroner Law Cap 32 Vol I Law of Osun,  2002.

The family, according to Adeleke, however,  rejected the coroner inquest in its entirety.

“The family, hereby, denounce in its entirety the ill-advised and self-serving coroner inquest ordered by the Osun State Government, purportedly set up to determine the cause of death of our dearly beloved Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke.

“We condemn, in strictest terms, the continuous politicisation attempts by the state of this great loss to our family, particularly the ordering of this inquest at a time we are still coming to terms with the harsh reality of his sudden departure and the pain and grief  therefrom.

“We have been reliably informed by credible sources that the outcome of the kangaroo inquest is already predetermined by the state.

“It is also designed to serve its own interest with distorted facts and misinformation which will clearly not be in the interest of the good people of Osun in general and the Adeleke family in particular,”  Adeleke  said.

NAN recalls that the Adeleke  family had at a press conference on April 26 said that the autopsy result conducted on the deceased was yet to be out.

The late senator, who was buried on April 24, represented Osun West Senatorial District on  the platform of the APC.

Adeleke, who died at 62 years, was also the first civilian governor of  Osun  between January  1992 and November  1993 on the platform of defunct Social Democratic Party .

The chairman of APC in Osun West Senatorial District, Mr Amobi Akintola, told the panel that late Adeleke did not eat any food at the burial of his grandmother on April 22.

Akintola said this while giving evidence before the coroner.

He said the late senator attended the burial ceremony in company with about 30 political aides and allies.

Akintola said that those who came with Adeleke ate but he (Adeleke) did not eat any of the foods served there.

He told the coroner that he served Adelekea bottle of Remmy Martins, an alcoholic wine, but the senator brought his own bottle of Remmy Martins from his vehicle which he and his friends drank.

Osun Deputy Governor, Mrs Titi Laoye-Tomori,  on Monday appeared before the coroner  panel set up by Governor Rauf Aregbesola, to probe the death of Senator Isiaka Adeleke.

Laoye-Tomori, who arrived the courtroom at around 10:35a.m., said she waived her immunity to appear before the coroner to give evidence because of the importance of the probe.

Deputy Gov. Laoye-Tomori and the late Adeleke were said to have sat side by side each other at the burial of the grandmother of Mr Amobi Akintola , the APC Senatorial Chairman in Osun West Senatorial District  on April 22.

She tendered her manifest for April 22 as an exhibit before the coroner chairman, Mr Olusegun  Ayilara.

Laoye-Tomori told the coroner that she decided to sit beside Adeleke  at the event because of the humility exhibited by him by receiving her when she alighted from her car.

She said the man who initially sat next to the late Adeleke vacated his seat for her.

Audience at the coroner inquest set up by Osun State government, to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of late Senator Isiaka Adeleke were stunned as the Deputy Governor of the state, Mrs Grace Titi-Laoye Tomori and the Osun West Senatorial Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr Yinusa Amobi gave contradictory testimonies at the sitting of the coroner on Monday.

Amobi had claimed that Adeleke did not eat anything at the final burial of his grandmother, Balqiz Atoke Salimonu on April 22. But Tomori who was also at the burial ceremony gave contrary testimonies when she said the late senator ate three spoons of rice at the event.

Amobi said Adeleke attended the burial ceremony in company of about 30 political allies and did not eat anything because what he wanted was not available.

According to him: “Senator Adeleke arrived my party around 4:30pm in the company of 20 to 30 political allies and was served food but the senator didn’t eat because it was poundo yam we made and he preferred semolina. Although he was offered some fish, he didn’t eat that too.

“He also drank the drink he bought which was Remy Martins. Although his friends mixed the drink with coca-cola, late senator Adeleke drank his undiluted.

Later the deputy governor, Mrs Grace Titilayo Tomori came and they both sat together before she eventually left the party too.

“Afterwards, I and the late Senator danced before he left around 5:30pm to Engineer Lasun Olaniyi daughter’s wedding at Iwo.

That is all I know about his movement on that day.”
Asked if he could say anything about his death, Hon. Amobi said he wouldn’t know.

But in her account, the deputy governor said Adeleke actually ate something at the party.
She explained that a woman brought a plate of fried rice mixed with jollof rice which had no meat and was uncovered to the deceased and he ate about 3 spoons.

According to her: “I got to Kuta after 5pm and was received by the late senator Adeleke. Because of that honour, I followed him to the table he sat which had about eight other men.

“A woman later brought a plate of rice and the deceased didn’t want to eat it initially. He was just turning the food around, he later managed to eat 3 spoons before pushing the food aside.
A man also brought a drink but I can’t really remember its name. After giving Hon. Amobi the package I had for him, I left the party and that was all until I heard about the death of the senator the following day.”

In a reaction to the rumour that she was sent there to poison the late senator, Deputy governor expressed how saddened she was by the rumour.

“How can that be? It wasn’t my party and I didn’t cook or serve any food. How can people trivialize the death of such an important person? How can they spread such wicked rumours? I was so devastated when I heard the news of his death.” She added.

Also testifying, the Chief Medical Director of Biket Hospital, Osogbo, Dr. Adebisi Adenle, told the coroner that the Adeleke was brought to his hospital dead on April 23. Adenle said late Adeleke was brought to his hospital around 10:15am, he was lifeless and was later pronounced dead.

The doctor added that he also advised the family of the deceased to take his corpse to Lautech teaching hospital morgue as Biket has no morgue.

At the resumed hearing on Monday, neither the commissioner of Police nor his representative were around throughout the duration of the proceedings.
Only five witnesses, the Chief Medical Director (CMD), Biket Hospital, Osogbo, Dr. Adebisi Adenle, Chairman Osun West Senatorial District of the APC. Hon. Amobi Akintola, Executive Secretary of Ede South, Hon. Johnson Ojo, Osun State Deputy Governor, Mrs. Titilaoye Tomori and the Chief Medical Director of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Teaching Hospital, Prof. Akeem Lasisi had on Monday testified before the panel.

During the testimonies of the five witnesses, several names were mentioned which include, the Divisional Police Officer DPO of Dugbe Police Station, Osogbo, OC Homicide, one Lasun Olaniyi from Iwo Community, one Engineer Oni and Alfred Aderibigbe.

While responding, the coroner, Magistrate Ayilara who frowned at what he described as insensitivity to the Inquest order, threatened to issue a bench warrant against any personalities who fail to appear before it.

“The OC homicide and DPO are expected tomorrow (today). They need to come and I want to say this that nobody is on trial here. This is not a criminal proceeding. I am not going to stop anybody from going back to his or her house and I won’t force anybody to say what he doesn’t want to say.

We need facts from police officers, medical doctors and other relevant bodies that were involved at the autopsy exercise, most importantly the DPO of Dugbe police Station and OC Homicide.

“By the virtue of the coroner’s law, everyone involves in this exercise must appear to give testimony. And as such, I need the police officer and others to be able to explain to the court that they identified the corpse, that is what we need.

“For this reason, failure to appear before this coroner inquest panel would be interpreted otherwise because if they don’t come, I will assume that they are deliberately frustrating our efforts.

“We are constrained and we have limited time of three weeks and this is the second week, we want to take all evidence by the end of this week so that I can use the last week to put things together.

“We issued the summon yesterday (Monday) and they have 48hours to answer, that is why I will fix tomorrow (today) for them.

Dr. Taiwo Solaja, a pathologist involved in determining the cause of death of Osun state Nigerian Senator Isiaka Adeleke has given the cause of death to be "multiple aspiration" or choking due to drug overdose.

The pathologist testimony was delivered at the Coroner's inquest set up by the Osun state government to unravel the real cause of Senator Adeleke's sudden death on April 23, 2017.

In addition to the drug overdose, Dr. Osilaja also stated that his team found excessive alcohol, sedatives, and painkillers such as Diazepam and Analgin in the body of the late Senator. Analgin has been banned by the Nigerian government for over 10 years according to the Chief Medical Director of LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Professor Akeem Lasisi.

The nurse, Mr Alfred Aderibigbe, who allegedly administered some injections on the late Senator Isiaka Adeleke, at home shortly before his death could not testify before the coroner, Mr Olusegun Ayilara.

Counsel for the nurse, Mr Lekan Alabi, said his client needed an interpreter due to his inability to speak English language fluently.

The nurse had appeared and on entering inside the witness box, he started shaking his head apparently in regret but the coroner, who noticed this told him to relax.

The coroner told him, “I know you are traumatised, you don’t need it. Relax this is not a criminal court.”

But his counsel told the court that Aderibigbe would require an interpreter before he could testify.
The coroner adjourned to Thursday today the 18th May, 2017, for his evidence.

The pathologist, Dr Olufemi Solaja, who carried out the autopsy on this body of the late senator had earlier said that the result of the toxicology test done on Adeleke showed high levels of alcohol; sedatives and analgesic in the system.


On April 26th, 2017, the family addressed a press conference over the painful death of Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke and made it abundantly clear that we would want to mourn our late brother, Son and Husband peacefully and therefore appealed to members of the public to please maintain absolute peace and observance of law and order.

At the 2nd Press conference addressed by the Family on May 6, 2017, we stated categorically that the Family will neither participate nor cooperate with the Coroner’s Kangaroo Inquest put in place by Osun State Government because we believed that the outcome of the Inquest was already predetermined and designed to serve its own interest.

The Adeleke Family in submission to the sovereignty of the Almighty God did not and still does not intend to fight anyone over the passing of the late hero of the Family; Senator Isiaka Adeleke but only desired to know the cause(s) of his sudden death which informed the ordering of the autopsy by the family.

We state that as at now, the family has not received the Autopsy Report and the family will not engage in speculations over its contents. However, it has come to the knowledge of the family that the Chief Medical Director of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Teaching Hospital Prof. Akeem Lasisi on May 15, 2017, appeared before the Kangaroo Inquest set up by the osun State Government and gave evidence of the cause of death of Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke, when neither the family had been briefed nor the Autopsy Report released.

On the 9th of May, 2017, the Family requested for the Autopsy report after the expiration of the agreed 2 weeks period for completion of same. The CMD, Prof Akeem Lasisi; who claimed to be away in Abuja at the time, confirmed that the Autopsy report was ready and that a copy was already with the Osun State Police Command, while another copy was with the Chief Pathologist at LAUTECH Teaching Hospital.

Alarmed at such a position, the Family queried why a copy of the autopsy report would be with the Police Command without any copy given to the Family that ordered the Autopsy in the first instance. The CMD now changed the story saying that the autopsy was only conducted at the Nigeria Police Forensic lab in Lagos. The CMD then promised to send a copy of the Autopsy Report to the Family upon his arrival from Abuja on Monday May 15th , 2017. The Family waited all day on the said Monday for the CMD to revert as promised to no avail. The Family then called the CMD at 5.14pm of the same Monday, 15th May, 2017 to remind him to send the autopsy report as promised.

The CMD changed the story again, saying that the report was not ready. When asked by the Family for when the report will be finally ready, he responded: “AS SOON AS POSSIBLE”.

Unknown to the Family this same CMD had already appeared and testified under oath before the Osun state Kangaroo inquest earlier the same day where he testified conclusively that the cause(s) of the sudden death of Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke was as a result of “banned injection overdose” given to him, relying on 3rd party “hearsay” instead of a FORENSIC TOXICOLOGY report. The CMD deliberately did not disclose to the Inquest that the Autopsy Report was not ready.

It is quite disheartening, that we live in a country where some of our supposed professionals can be so easily compromised by their Paymasters without any regard to the oath they swore to as medical health practitioners. The Family has also noted with interest the contradictory testimonies at the Coroner’s Inquest as to whether Senator Isiaka Adeleke had anything to eat at the last party he attended hosted by an Osun State APC Chieftain.

The Adeleke family hereby puts it on record, that based on the high level of unprofessional conduct already displayed by the CMD of LAUTECH, the integrity of the “yet to be ready” autopsy must have been SERIOUSLY compromised.

Chilling Testimony of Man Who Injected Late Senator Isiaka Adeleke with Banned Drugs

The Coroner’s Inquest sitting at the Osun State High Court today received the chilling testimony of one Alfred Aderibigbe, a self-professed nurse who injected late Senator Isiaka Adeleke with banned drugs shortly before his demise.

When the court resumed at 9am in the morning to hear is testimony, the court registrar read a letter from his lawyer, Mr. Lekan Alabi stating that he was unavailable as he was appearing before another judge at the state high court three. The coroner subsequently adjourned till 12 noon.

At exactly 12noon, the coroner entered the court room to an anxious crowd. He immediately called on the witness to take the witness stand. Alfred who wore a better composure compared to yesterday, began by describing his relationship with the late senator who he described as very cordial.

Alfred who spoke in Yoruba through the help of an interpreter when asked how he met the late senator, stated that; “late Sen. Adeleke was like a father to me, a helper; we were like father and son.”

“I met Sen. Adeleke, then a former governor, after I treated one of his daughter for convulsion many years back, our relationship blossomed thereafter.”

Recalling how the Senator died, Mr. Aderibigbe who has been treating the former Osun governor for over 20 years, reveals he was summoned in the middle of the night on Sunday 23rd April 2017 around 4.33am to come attend to the senator. On getting to his bedroom, Alfred revealed the Senator complained of severe pains in his legs and requested for some drugs to be administered on him in the presence of his friend, one Dipo Fagborode.

Aderibigbe recalled that he left his home with four (4) ampoules of Diazepam (valium) 20ml each, two (2) ampoules of Analgin 50ml each, two (2) ampoules of Hydrocortisone 100ml eachs , one ampoule of Pentazocine, and two vials of Gentamicin 80ml each, but did not administer all the drugs on the late senator.

The nurse informed the coroner that it was his practice to administer prescribed drugs to the senator, even though he prefers overdose. He said, “I only administered only 20ml of diazapram, 50ml of analgin and 200ml hydrocortisone, even though he wanted more. I also administered the Gentamicin on his friend, Dipo Fagborode without a prescription.”

“I opened all the ampoules of drugs in his (Sen. Adeleke) presence, but I did not administer it on him. The essence is so that when he wakes up, he would think I used everything. I only used one ampoule of diazepram. It is my practice to kick the remaining away with my leg.”

When asked if he knew that Analgin was banned by the National Agency for Food, Drugs Administration and Control, NAFDAC, over ten years ago, Mr. Aderibigbe said he was aware, but it is his usual practice to make use of the drug on insistence of the senator who he described as ‘powerful’.

“I don’t buy the drugs myself; the senator buys them and keeps with me. Anytime he needs them, he beckons on me. The drugs I used on the 23rd April 2017, was handed to me by Senator Adeleke on 17th of April, 2017.

“Whenever he was given prescription and he probably didn’t complete his treatment in Abuja, I would administer the remaining.

“He had other nurses in Abuja, and some in Lagos.

“I’m his nurse in Ede. I don’t know any of them (other nurses), but I know that whenever he was given injection by those nurses, he would show me in order to know the new area to inject him.”

Aderibigbe though stated that he knew alcohol exacerbate Gout, a condition he knew senator Adeleke was battling with, he stated that the senator rebuffed his advice to stop drinking and opted for treatment with the sedatives, steroids and analgesic.

He revealed the Senator’s choice of drink was Remy Martins, a position which corroborated the testimony of a party chieftain who had received the late senator at his daughter’s wedding the previous day.

Engr. Olasunkanmi Olaniyi whilst testifying earlier in the day had said the late senator did not eat at his party, but he noticed one of Adeleke’s aide served his boss with a bottle of Remy Martins and glass cup.

Continuing his testimony, Aderibigbe said he couldn’t perceive if the late Senator was smelling of Alcohol, but agreed that it was improper to take sedatives, steroids and analgesic after the consumption of Alcohol.

Recall the Ladoke Akintola University Teaching Hospital pathologist who carried out an autopsy on Senator Adeleke revealed his corpse was oozing of alcohol during his testimony yesterday.

Aderibigbe however stated that he left the Senator around 8am to go take a leave of absence from his church where he teaches a Sunday School every Sunday morning.

“On getting back around 9am, Dipo Fagborode told me the senator beckoned on him, with a weak hand, so he asked me to quickly attend to him.

“On getting into his room, he had little life left in him. His pulse was weak and his breathing was almost shutting down. I had to perform a cardiac massage on him. I beckoned on Dipo to assist me and we both continued the cardiac massage, and when he wasn’t responding, I shouted for help, and that was when he was taken to Biket Hospital in Osogbo.

“I didn’t follow in the Senator’s Cardillac vehicle, but I know before getting to Biket Hospital in Osogbo, he would have died.

“At Biket Hospital, Senator Adeleke was pronounced brought in dead.” Aderibigbe revealed.

The coroner has since issued a summon for Dipo Fagborode to appear before him and thereafter adjourned sitting till Friday, 18th May, 2017.

Alfred says for over 20 years he has been treating the late senator, he has never been challenged by his family and friends
And hydrocortisone 200ml IV was administered on the late Senator Isiaka Adeleke.
Says on the prescription showed him by the late Sen. showed 20ml of , 1 ampoules of analgine 50ml when neccessary through IM
4 ampules of Diazapram 40ml, 2 ampoules of Analgin 100ml, hydrocortisone 200ml two vials , Fortuine 1ml , Gentamicin 160ml
He is now mentioning all the injections the Senator had kept with him
Correct spelling for the artery is brachial artery!
A paper is given to Mr. Aderibigbe to write the spelling of the artery.
Says then, he used cotton wool to clean his aRm to look for a vein, BRCHARC ARTERY.. murmuring in court over spelling.
At first he checked Sen. Adeleke's BP which reads 130/80; his temp 38.4; Pulse 86.
Says that morning, the Dr. showed him the prescription, but refused to handover the prescription to him.
Says on the 17th of April, the late senator has kept the injection with him, which was prescribed to him from Lagos.

Alfred Says, when he got there, the senator requested if had drip with him, and told him 1 by 1 the oral medications he had
Thereafter, the senator asked him to come along with his injections, and when he got there, he was in pain
When He called back the senator, the Dipo picked up the call, but he senator collected the handset to complaint of gout
Meanwhile, the senator, his friend, Dipo Fagborode and a couple of other people had called him for 16 times
Says on the day the Senator died, around 4am, people came to his house around 4am to beckon on him on behalf of the senator
Alfred says the senator secured his land because he doesn't want him to be far away from him.
Alfred says he lives at the back of Sen. Adeleke's country home because the late senator secured the land for him.
Mr. Alfred says he has a very good relationship with Sen. Adeleke's immediate family members.
Says only Sen Adeleke's sister, Dupe Sanni 6yrs ago challenged him, but the late sen intervene, asked her to mind her business.
Alfred says he buys the drug from sellers WITHOUT doctor's prescription.
Since the injections are sold on prescription, the sellers would refuse, but they request to speak to Sen before selling to him.
Mr. Alfred says he and Sen. Adeleke had known the supplier of the injections for the treatment of gout for a long time.
For the gout, he says the sen. would usually bring up out the injection, and when its not enough, he would get more injection.
Alfred says when the senator calls him for treatment, he would usually ask him to go get medication for him.

Alfred says the late Senator use to smoke, but he stopped due to his intervention and his warnings on lung cancer in 2009/2010
Mr. Alfred says Sen. Adeleke only drinks St. Remy Martins regularly anytime he sees him drinking.
Mr. Alfred says he is aware the late Sen. takes alcoholic drink, but doesn't smoke.
Mr. Alfred says he always warn Sen. Adeleke to always take enough rest.
Mr. Alfred says Sen. Adeleke was hypertensive and suffered from Gout.
Aderibigbe says he often treats the late Sen. in his bedroom, when he is outside, he moves him to the bedroom for treatment.
Mr. Alfred Aderibigbe claims not to know the nurses who treat the late Sen. Adeleke in Lagos and Abuja.
He says he regularly treats the late Senator in Ede. Witness says there are other nurses in Lagos and Abuja.
He says often, we would visit the then senator's at home. Says the relationship is that of son and father.
On that occasion, the late senator gave him money in appreciation, and the relationship blossoms from there.
Mr. Alfred says Dr. Adeyemi introduced him to Adeleke after he successfully treated his daughter on convulsion many years ago
On meeting Adeleke, witness says one late Dr. Adeyemi introduced him to the then former governor Adeleke many years back.
Alfred Aderibigbe's testimony is in Yoruba.
Witness says he works as a nurse at the General Hospital, Ede at the Out-patient department.
Witness says Sen. Adeleke is his helper, and has known him for 20yrs.
Witness says his name is Alfred Idowu Aderibigbe, says he is a nurse, he lives at the country home, Ede.
At 12:04pm, Mr. Alfred Aderibigbe takes the stand. Takes his oath in Yoruba.

12noon sharp, coroner enters the court room. Lekan Alabi, Alfred's lawyer, announces his appearance. Apologies for the delay.
He said he administer just 1 ampoules of diazaprem (valium), but broke 3 ampoules, but says he didn't administer all.
Before administering the injection, he said he asked if he has taken medication and the senator affirmed it to him.
... And hydrocortisone 200ml IV was administered on the late Senator Isiaka Adeleke. #AtTheInquest
Alfed says he arrived not to long Says when he came back, the senator still maintained the same position.
Says when he left, the senator's friend Dipo was with him and he asked him to monitor him.
Says he had to leave to go and take permission from church where he takes Sunday School.
from 4.33am he was with him until the drip finished and left at 7.45.
Alfred says when he came back from church around 9am, the senator was half alive, half dead.
Alfred says LITTLE LIFE means the senator pulse was not pronounced and his breathing was almost shutting down .
Asked why he took more than required to the Senator's house that morning, he said that is his usual practice .
Asked y he broke all the vials wen he know he shouldn't use everything, Alfred says the Sen usually insist on using everything.
Alfred says even though, the Sen would usually ask for overdose, he would open everythin, but use his legs to pour others away .
Alfred claims he has never used the overdose on the Senator he usually pour it away, but just open it in the senator's present .
Alfred says he knows the consumption of Alcohol usually exacerbate Gout .
Alfred says he never asked the late senator on the level of alcohol before admitting Steriods on him.
Alfred says he has not returned home since the sen died bcs the people & family believes he was the one that killed the senator.
Alfred says he did not perceive the smell of Alcohol on Senator Adeleke.
Alfred says the senator hardly sleeps.
Alfred says he doesn't know how to get in touch with Dipo, the late Senator's friend who was with him before he died .
Alfred says he doesn't know is nursing registration number offhand .
says he doesnt know that its improper to take a med in its oral form, & then take the same injection if the 1st doesn't work.
Asked by LAUTECHTH's lawyer if he is community health officer or a nurse, Alfred insist he is a nurse.
Alfred says it is not the heavy sedative the senator was under that caused is aspiration, which resulted in his death .

When he was about leaving the room, the senator beckoned on him, with a weak hand, so he had to perform a cardiac massage on him.
He says the friend, Dipo joined him to perform the cardiac massage so he can breath, but all to no avail .
But when he wasn't responding, he shouted so they could transport him to the clinic.
They used Late Sen. Adeleke's Cardillac with plate number Guv 4 to rush him using 1way to biket hospital.
On arrival at the clinic, the doctor examined the late senator and asked Alfred for a brief medical history.
However, Dr. Adenle of Biket confirmed Sen. Adeleke dead... BID... brought in dead.
Alfred says from the house to Biket, the Senator WOULD have died (aa ti ku) ..
May the soul of late Sen. Isiaka Adeleke rest in peace.


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