Tuesday 30 January 2018


Mogbara is one of the notable villages of Atakumosa East Ward 3. It is a village known for its gold deposit that has been noted by the Federal government but this village would have died of diseases from dirty water. Since the first hand pump deep well that was the only source of drinking water broke down, access to safe water was very poor.
The more than one thousand inhabitants of Mogbara village used to get water for all uses from the stream and it was dirty water but they had no option. Living is  not good because they lack clean water. Cooking is difficult because the food colour would change due to the colour of the water sometimes. The children, and even some adults, complained about stomach pains due to drinking the water. Even washing clothes is difficult

In the 1980s the government then installed one deep well water pump but it was not enough for them, their number was really big. People would over crowd at the water point and fight daily. When the hand pump was brought at least the cases of stomach problems were reduced but the pump finally broke down and was neglected.

Hon. Ajibola Famurewa then constructed a bore hole to provide Mogbara village with a continuous supply of safe water because he even equipped the borehole with a standby electric generator.

The people of Mogbara are really very happy for it because now clean water is accessible for everyone. They will be using it to drink, wash and keep their bodies and homes clean.

The Mogbara community is one the communities of Ijesa South Federal Constituency that elected Hon. Ajibola Famurewa to represent them at the Federal House of Representatives in Abuja. So who says he is not putting smiles on the faces of his people.

Photos by Oladimeji Lasore

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