Thursday 31 May 2018

PHOTONEWS: One Community One Industry Initiative of Victoria Oluwaseun Collaborates with Atakunmosa West LG: One-Day Seminar on Changing Waste to Wealth

Hon. Francis Ola Famurewa the chairman Atakumosa West Local Government and his parliamentarians in association with One Community One Industry Initiative of Victoria Oluwaseun's Victroo Concept on Monday, 28th May, 2018, organized a one day seminar  to enable the participants to learn how to make black soap, iru, cocoa nut oil, Snailery, broilers raising and animals feeds composition.

  One Community, One Industry's one day seminar highlighted the importance of self reliant and the benefits entrepreneurship work that is simply put, is the business of wealth creation.

 The program pinpointed the opportunities that are abound in the State of Osun, particularly in Atakumosa LG area.

In the words of Hon. Francis Ola Famurewa "only a lazy man/woman can claim he has nothing to do to create wealth ".

As early as 7:00am the crew members of One Community One Industry Initiative have all assembled at the Osu Community Hall to accredit and register participants from various wards of Atakumosa West LG for the program. The turnout that started slowly later turned out to be impressive.

Mrs. Josephine Olayemi, a black soap (ose dudu) making expert from Aagba started the presentation with a talk on the processes of traditional black soap making. For hundreds of years, africans made and used a vegetable-based soap to gently cleanse skin and hair, known as "ose dudu locally it is made with secret recipes passed down from generation to generation, the formulations she exposed is composed of plantain and or banana parts, palm-tree and dried cocoa pods.

This was followed by Mrs. Esther Akinlawon whose talk centered on processing locust beans into "iru" and adding value to the finished product.

Other presentations are on coconut oil production by Mrs. Christy Alapini. Mr. Ukonu Ukonu delivered his talk on snail keeping. Mr. Ayomide Abe presented broilers raising. Other presentations were on "ose Ajase" that is achieved by add more values to the black soap and turning "iru" to preserved powdered form.

Some of the dignitaries that graced the occasion were the Chairman of Atakunmosa West Central LCDA, Pastor (Hon) Anthony Adeboye, Hon. Julius Fakuwajo (Vice Chairman Atakumosa West Central),  Chief (Mrs. Bunmi Abeke Aluko (Women Leader Atakumosa West Local Government),
Chief (Mrs.) Morenikeji Adeloye (from Isokun), Mrs. Adeyemo Adeyinka (National Orientation Agency), Mrs. Eye Toyin (Council Manager, Atakumosa West LG), Mrs. Grace Toyin Ogundijo (Information Officer, Atakumosa West LG) and Mrs. Esther Famurewa ( wife of the the Chairman, Atakumosa West LG)

The second phase of the program is practical teaching and Empowerment that will run from Monday the 4th of June to Friday the 8th.

At his inception as the chairman of Atakumosa West Local Government Hon. Ola Famurewa and his Parliament have commissioned a modern health centre in Osu. He achieved this in collaboration with Osu Community Development Council.

His administration has cleared all illegal refuse dump places in the Local Government particularly in Kajola and Osu.

The Local Government has repaired and put to use all abandoned and unserviceable borehole water pumps.

Hon. Famurewa's administration has graded and opened up some bad rural roads.

The Local Government under Hon. Francis Famurewa had intervened in the area of youth empowerment by introducing Atakumosa West Youth Engagement Scheme, A'YES. A scheme to encourage our youth to participate in Agriculture.  About 10acres of land have been ploughed and the council's poultry farm renovated.

Also at the occasion of the one-day seminar Hon. Francis Ola Famurewa announced the kick off to Atakumosa West Skills Acquisition Centre for the benefit of those that will be selected for Empowerment following the practical training of the One Community One Industry Initiative Entrepreneurship training.

More photos (all photos credit Osun APC Eagles)

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