Saturday, 30 March 2019

Man Mistakenly Killed Wife's Lover After Catching Them in Bed

Ajibade Olumuyiwa's plan to catch his wife and her lover, Olakitan Balogun in bed and make a video of them has turned out to be an incident that landed him in the police custody.

 Ajibade Olumuyiwa reportedly hit Balogun's head against the wall after he allegedly caught the latter in his room with his wife.

Olumuyiwa according to Punch had suspected that Balogun was in a relationship with his wife, Titilayo Olayiwola, and reportedly caught them on Sunday, March 17, 2019, in their (the couple’s) room.

Having been informed by one Kazeem Gafari, the guard of the estate where they live in Ajuwon about his wife’s alleged adultery, Ajibade decided to make a video of his wife and her lover in bed, but that led to the tragic death of his wife’s lover after a fight ensued between him and Balogun.

According to Punch, Olumuyiwa was said to have hit Balogun’s head against the wall and the man bled to death.

Explaining how it all happened, Olumuyiwa said he did not intend to kill Balogun, saying he only wanted to make a video he can show his wife’s family when he caught them in bed.

 Ajibade said he wanted to make the video as a piece of evidence for his wife's parents
He said, “I never had the intention of killing the man my wife was committing adultery with. All I wanted to do was to catch them red-handed and make a video of it, which I intended to send to my wife’s family.

“I did not have any intention to fight. It was the guy that attacked me and during the tussle, I mistakenly pushed him and he hit his head against the wall. I was even the one that took him to the police station. The police asked me to take him to the hospital.

“I did not know my wife had another lover until the security guard in our estate informed me that whenever I was not around, a man came to meet my wife in the house. I asked my wife about it but she denied it.”

In an interview with Punch, Gafar, the estate guard that informed Ajibabde about his wife’s alleged adultery confirmed that he was the one who told Olumuyiwa about his wife’s alleged adultery.

He said, “When I noticed that a guy used to come and sleep with Olumuyiwa’s wife whenever he was not around, I called Olumuyiwa to inform him about the development.

“He told me to call him when next I saw the man in his house. So, the day the man came in the night, I called him to inform him of Balogun’s arrival.

“I did not see anything wrong in giving him the information. I felt bad when the police came to arrest me. I really regret my action. I want to appeal to the government to assist me. If I come out of this problem, I will never repeat such again.”

Meanwhile, Ajibade’s wife, Titilayo denied having extramarital affair with Balogun.


  1. It is pitty the situation that Olumuyiwa meet him self,and i thank God for him that it was not that said adulter and his wife was not able to kill him.Law will certain prevail on Olumuyiwa becouse it was his home that the incident happened.Adultery/Vonication is Gods abomination

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