Saturday 30 March 2019

PHOTOS: Death Traps; Buildings that may collapse anytime from now in Ilesa East LG

Paucity of fund poses serious threat to the lives of many inhabitants of Ogbon Tuntun Okesa in the Ilesa East LG. Despite being destroyed by fire since over a year ago, the house number AG 1  continues to stand but dropping its red bricks in bits.The building on the road linking Okesa to Anaye historical quarters of Ijesa generalissimo Gbogungboro Ogedengbe faces ominous possibility of getting collapsed any time and may fall on people and/or other property as there are other buildinds at the surroundings and even an artisan aoto mechanic garage is very close by, experiencing uncontollable falls of bricks that is a serious warning that this building may finally collapse at any time.

House number AG 1, Ogbon Tuntun Okesa is not the lone case even on the same street as there is another bungalow that is giving way in parts. According to Lasore Oladimeji Blog's findings in Ilesa East and West Local Governments, the district has over 100 houses that are considered unsafe and constitute serious danger to lives and other properties.

This collapsing bungalow still houses a functional hairdressing saloon

A collapsing building at Anaye-Iroye/Iloro link road

But who will demolish the unsafel buildings and take up repair works of old buildings to ensure a safe environment, the owners, the Local Government or the State Government? In the interim, we suggest that ‘unsafe’ sign boards should be put up on unsafe buildings till those are demolished and occupants barred from entering the buildings.

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  1. Each local should enact blight elimination ordinances to deal with this kind of eyesore and death trap. The owner(s) should notified and given ultimatum to clean up or face sanctions.