Sunday 7 April 2019

Iyabo Fagbulu, Erstwhile National Programme Officer for Education in Nigeria under UNESCO Turned 70

April the 6th, 2019, family and friends of Chief Dr. Mrs. Iyabo Fagbulu, gathered at the Cathedral of St. John, in the ancient city of Ilesha for the holy communion service to celebrate the 70th birthday of the erstwhile National Programme Officer for Education, UNESCO, Nigeria and the wife of Prof. Amiel Fagbulu former consultant to the UNESCO.

The reception after the service took place at Tadash Cities Colosseum, Ilerin Raid, Irojo, Ilesa.

Writing in a birthday commemorative photo magazine, "Musings at 70", Dr Iyabo Fagbulu says;

" These 10 years have passed like a meteor! It seems like yesterday when 60 years old, I came back from Abuja, having retired from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as National Planning Officer for Education in Nigeria. 10 years! I thank God, the Almighty for keeping me to see this day. Glory to God."

We bring you photos from the church service and the reception.

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