Saturday, 31 August 2019

Owoeye Calls for Suggestions and Opinions on Delimitation of Osun Secondary School Leaving Age

The Speaker of the State of Osun House of Assembly, Hon Timothy Owoeye has urged members of the public and stakeholders who have suggestions on a bill to peg the secondary school leaving age in the state at 18 to come out with them.

Owoeye had at the Osun Youth Agenda Policy meeting earlier in the week suggested the delimitation of the secondary school leaving age for students in the state at 18.

According to him, the motive of the suggestion which is planned as a bill to be laid on the floor of the Assembly in no distant time is borne out of the genuine concern for the long term development of the state’s education sector.

In a statement personally signed by him on Friday in response to reactions generated over the issue on social media, the Speaker noted that the issue is still a suggestion which needs a lot of opinions as it is yet to be presented before the parliament.

Owoeye said “My attention has been called to reactions surrounding news report on a comment I made earlier in the week at the Osun Youth Agenda policy meeting.”

“My postulation that the House of Assembly should peg the secondary school leaving age at 18 is borne out of genuine concern for the long term development of our state, it’s educational system and our youth.”

“My gratitude goes to the stakeholders who have reached out to express support, solidarity and opinion on how best to formulate the law.”

“As representatives of our people, I sincerely ask that you channel your opinions (positive and negative) to us. My comment is still a suggestion and has not been presented before the parliament.”

“If and when it is, accept my assurance that we will act in the best interest of our people and according to the wishes of the majority. Also, in accordance with global best practice, the house will conduct a public hearing to get the view of stakeholders on the bill,” the head of Osun Assembly stressed.

“I am particularly happy about the views expressed on the social media, I ask that we make it more constructive and also enjoin us to show more commitment to issues revolving around our polity in the near future.”

“Your suggestions and opinions are very significant and important to us.”

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