Saturday 30 November 2019

Alase of Ilase-Ijesa and His Chiefs Receive Iwude Ijesa Planning Committee Members

As countdown to Iwude Ijesa continues with sensitization visit to Traditional rulers and other stakeholders in Ijesaland, the planning committee's train  stopped at the palace of Alase of Ilase on Tuesday November, 2019.

Receiving the team led by the vice Chairman, planning committee, chief Afolabi Igbaroola, the Alase, Oba Isiaka Adesina said Ijesa strength lies in the unity of its people, urging all traditional rulers in Ijesaland and their people to eschew geo-political dichotomy which has remained the bane of development in the area.

Reminiscing the good old days when the Ijesa people dominated virtually all juicy positions in the old Oyo state government parastatal, Oba Adesina said it was unfortunate that Ijesa people allowed trivial issues to tear them apart and the consequences were grievous.

According to the monarch, to avert the huge ripple effect of the disintegration, ijesa people need to come together, bury their hatchets and rally round their Paramount ruler, the Owa Obokun and other Patriots who toil day in day out to restore the glory of Ijesa nation.
Oba Adesina extolled the energetic committee members for the unprecedented efforts to rebuild the ijesa nation that used to set the pace and dictate the tune for others to follow in the old Oyo state politically and administratively.

He regretted that Ijesa found itself in its present retrogressive position in Osun state because of individualism and advised the people to form themselves into a bunch with a view to logically preventing every detrimental external influence .

Earlier, the leader of the team, chief Afolabi Igbaroola told the Alase that the sensitization visit was necessitated by the new ideas and programs injected into the annual festival of unity which give traditional rulers important roles to play.

Chief Igbaroola noted that this year’s edition would allow the traditional rulers Shar their words of wisdom with the participants and watch cultural troops from their domains perform to the admiration of their people.
In attendance were chief Afolabi Igbaroola, Mr Wale Idowu, Mr Oladimeji Lasore, prince Isaac Haastrup, Mrs Oluwabunmi Ogunniyi and Mr Oluwatobiloba Omirin.

Coverage: Isaac Haastrup


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