Friday 15 November 2019

Read The Full Details Of Plenary Proceedings Of OSHA; When Oyetola Presented 2020 Budget & Appropriation Bill

Reported by Juwon Amale

Plenary proceedings of the Osun State House of Assembly on the 14th of November, 2019 with the Speaker, Rt Hon Timothy Owoeye as the presiding officer

The Speaker led the opening prayer at 12:40pm, the National and State anthems were observed after which the Speaker took to his seat at 12:43pm.

He enjoined his Honorable colleagues to go over the Votes and Proceedings of Wednesday, 6th November, 2019 in a bid to highlight and disengage all forms of grammatical or typographical flubs and pratfalls.

With no errors cited ,Hon. Martins Olajide Adeyeye from Ife East moved the motion for the adoption of the 6th of November, Votes and Proceedings as an official document of the Osun State House of Assembly.

Hon Richards Adewale Adedoyin representing Ilesha West rose to second the motion as moved.

The Speaker gave an explicit approval of the motion.


Presentation of the 2020 budget estimate and appropriation bill


The Speaker specially recognized the presence of the State of Osun Governor, His Excellency, Governor Gboyega Oyetola alongside his amiable wife, the First Lady, Madam Kayafat Oyetola.

He also acknowledged the presence of other principal officers present such as the Deputy Speaker, Hon Benedict Olugboyega, the Chief Judge, Hon Justice Oyebola Adepele Ojo, ably represented by Olayinka Afolabi, the Secretary to the State Government, the Chief of Staff, the Deputy Chief of Staff, the Head of Service, the pioneer Speaker, Rt Hon Samuel Adewale Afolabi, the former Speakers, the former Deputy Governor during the administration of Baba Akande, Chief Soko Adewoyin, the party Leaders, National Assembly members, the secretary of the party, Hon Razak Salesile, the newly appointed Commissioners and Special advisers, the former Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, the former Senator of the West Senatorial district, the former party Chairman, Adelowo Adebiyi, the Chief Registrar of the Customary Court and others.





Presentation of the 2020 budget estimate and appropriation bill

Before the Governor’s presentation of the 2020 budget, the Speaker started off by rendering an opening remark as he formally introduced the Governor to the 7th Assembly members.

He stated that the purpose for the August Assembly is to have a public hearing on the executive’s fiscal plan for the State of Osun in the year 2020 and also for the initiation of the implementation process of the proposed budget. After his remarks, he invited the Governor, Ogbeni Gboyega Oyetola, to step forward and present the 2020 budget estimate and appropriation bill to the House.

The Speaker instructed that the maze be brought down to the lower bracket so as to accommodate the frenzy ambiance of the gallery audience.

The Governor, during his presentation, explained that the budget was drafted based on a meticulously structured development plan by the Osun State administrative body in liaison with recognized development agencies such as the world bank, IMF etc. He further stated that the 2020 budget and appropriation bill encapsulates formulated policies and laws that would unequivocally restore and improve the socio-economic growth of the State of Osun.

The breakdown of the budget further shows that the Infrastructure sector takes the largest chunk with a total sum of N9,318,841,640.00 (15.06%) followed by Water and Sanitation sector with a sum of N7, 581,241,350.00. (12.25%), while N6,517,762,830.00 (10.53%) was budgeted for the Education sector.

 Governance and Administration sector has N4,323,555,790.00 (6.99%) while N4,311,456,450.00 (6.97%) was budgeted for Health sector.

Agriculture sector has N2,363,716,760.00 (3.82%);  Security, Law and Justice Sector, N1,425,784,530.00; Environment sector has N736,347,190.00 (1.19%); Commerce and Industry sector N638,851,490.00 (1.03%); Economic Planning and Budget sector N345,864,600.00 (0.56%).
Other are: Information and Communication N205, 380,210.00 (0.33%) and Social Development and Welfare N129,930,370.00 (0.21%) .

After the schematic breakdown of the content of the 2020 budget estimate by the Governor, the Speaker, Rt Hon Timothy Owoeye announced that the next item on the agenda is the laying of the budget, to be executed by the Governor, Ogbeni Gboyega Oyetola.

The Speaker ordered the sergeant at hand to revert the maze to its original position in the upper bracket.

He then asked the Governor to proceed in laying the budget before the House for a relatively immediate review by the Honorable members.

The Speaker implored his Honorable Colleagues to give a brief remark on the proposed budget.

He called on the Chairman of the Finance and Appropriation Committee of the House of Assembly, Hon Taiwo Adebayo Olodo, to give his critical opinion of the Governor’s proposed fiscal policy.

The Honorable responded favorably by congratulating the Governor for the successful presentation of the budget to the House. He continued by describing the budget as a “budget of hope and restoration” which is vital for the restoration of growth and development in the State of Osun. Hon Taiwo Olodo assured the Governor that the Honorable members will see to it that the bill receives a speedy passage.

Hon. Adeyemi Adewumi from Obokun corroborated his colleague’s statement as he appreciated Ogbeni Isiaka Gboyega Oyetola for his effort so far in the advancement of the State of Osun in every aspect. He also stated that the 29th annual budget presented by the Governor is a prospective symbol of hope and restoration of glory for the Osun State and its inhabitants.

The Speaker, having heard the Honorables’ remarks, called on the Majority Leader, Hon Ajibola Maruf Olanrewju, to give a vote of thanks.

The Majority Leader thanked God Almighty for the successful culmination of the budget presentation program. He also appreciated the Governor for performing his constitutional duties by laying the 2020 appropriation bill before the House of Assembly for approval. He thanked the key players in the political administration of the State of Osun and also all the members of the August Assembly for their endorsement of the good work done by the Governor since his appointment.

The Speaker, on a concluding note, expressed his satisfaction as he stated that the 2020 appropriation bill will indeed, restore every lost economic opportunity and improve the economic status of the State of Osun.

He thanked the APC conglomerate for the preservation of their reputation as progressives and aired a statement of assurance that “nothing shake the APC government in Osun” as they will retain power indefinitely.




Having dealt decisively with the only item on the order of the day, the motion to adjourn the next meeting till Monday, 18th November, 2019 was moved by the Majority Leader.
Hon Benjamin Olugbenga Ogundipe seconded the motion as moved.
The Speaker approved the motion.

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