Saturday 28 December 2019

Photos and Speach of L. B. Ayeni at the Inauguration of His 28-Members Aides/Liaison Officers and Presentation of Annual Prestigious Merit Award


Indeed today is a day to rejoice for the APC and the people of Ijesa South Federal Constituency.

It is also a day to begin writing a new chapter in the narrative of our great constituency.

Let me thank everyone for their support towards our victory at the 2019 elections.

Much of any success I have enjoyed in life, I owe to my wonderful parents, the late Jimoh and Mopelola Ayeni. They taught me the value of hard work and living within one's means. It was their unwavering love, support and confidence, through the years, that provided me the foundation which allows me to stand before you today.

I also thank God for His grace and mercy this far.

Ijesaland has been a place where dreams come true, because in our constituency, anything good is possible.

It goes without saying, I am only honoured and humbled to represent my people at the green chamber - the National Assembly. But I have not made this journey alone. You made it possible.

I work for those who voted for me as well as those who didn't in line with the dictate of our party. To make this job easier and ensure that the dividends of democracy reach the steps of our people, we shall be inaugurating those who will work with me as approved and forwarded to me by the leaders of our great party.

And upon taking the Oath of Office, I have solemnly promised to uphold the office in which I have been elected with dignity and integrity while working hard to keep Ilesa East, Ilesa West, Atakumosa East and Atakumosa West Federal Constituency growing.

I want to charge this noble aides and liaison officers to be delivery, loyal and accountable in all ramifications, so that we don't disappoint our people, and leadership of the party who vowed that we will work together smoothly and succeed as a team.

Let me say it clearly here that every member of our party can be where I am today, so is where you are being inaugurated to occupy. You are there temporarily, after all, there is nothing permanent in life but change.

I want to appeal to you all to be good ambassador of our party and be faithful in all your ways.

I must also thank you all for your support towards the administration of our Governor, His Excellency Gboyega Oyetola that had been doing great work in the past one year.

Thank you all for coming.


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