Sunday 15 December 2019

The Festival is Called "Iwude Ijesa" and Not " Iwude Ilesa ", Rotimi Obeisun Says

The Iwude Ijesa planning committee on Saturday 14th of December, 2019, paid a courtesy visit on the Asiwaju of Ijebu-Ijesa, Chief Rotimi Obeisun and the Chairman Timsed Group of Companies, in his country home at Ijebu-Ijesa. Read what he said:

"What Ijesa people celebrate every last Saturday before Christmas is Iwude Ijesa and not Iwude Ilesa and this is what is handed over to us by our fathers. In the olden days, before the commencement of the ceremonies leading to the grad finale, Owa Obokun of Ijesaland must first send emissaries to inform the Oba of Ijebu-Ijesa. Also at the installation of a new Owa, he must first receive blessings from the Oba of Ijebu-Ijesa before the public proclamation preceding his installation. I saw the pictures of Owa Aromolaran sitting on Late Oba Ajayi Palmer's lap to receive his blessing.

"It was modernization that is disrupting our tradition. We are all one, and we are blessed with human resources. Owa Obokun is not a General without an army. Considering the caliber and qualifications of Ijesa Obas that span over different professions such as engineering, accounting, medicine, business. If we all come together Nigeria will have a lot to benefit.

"Our fathers have suffered to give us the best in education, it is now left with us to harness our resources. The assignment embarked upon by the Iwude Ijesa Planning Committee will be for prosperity. All Obas in Ijesaland must register there presence at this year's celebration and I will be there also.

" We have human and natural resources. I rejoice with our Kabiyesi that this is happening in his lifetime. He should now go for the unification of Ijesaland.

"I am investing in Ijebu-Ijesa for the sake posterity and not for money making. When late Lawrence Omole established the Ilesa International Brewery, he had the choice to establish it in Lagos for the reason of nearness to port (raw material) and other conditions considered for localisation of industries as we were taught at school, but political reason supersedes all others and this is what he considered to establish the industry in Ilesa, he did not consider any economic reason because all he wanted at that time is an industry in Ilesa. Today, let us imagine Ilesa or even the State of Osun without Ilesa International Brewery now that the brewery has become one of the leading breweries in Nigeria and thus bringing honour to Ijesaland.

"When we were young my dad used to come home every Christmas and Easter, if not I would have realized Iseyin where he was engaged with the Osomaalo business as home but he vonstantly rammed it into our ears that we are Ijesa and that there is no place like home.

"CNN is not based in New York or Washington but in Atlanta and thus exposed Atlanta to become the economic hub of America and this what we need in Nigeria and my reason for bringing the Timsed International Hotels / Holiday Centre and Tantalizer Outlet, Timsed International Civic Centre and Cinema, Timsed International Water and Beverages Bottling Plant, Timsed International Foods and Confectioneries Factory and Timsed Broadcasting Service – Radio and Digital Television Stations all to Ijebu-Ijesa, and my children are based at home supervising the runnings."

Commending the efforts of the chief Afolabi Igbaroola led planning committee's delegation for their unrelenting effort to reunite Ijesa people through Iwude ijesa, the annual home coming event for the sons and daughters of the land , chief Obeisun averred Timsed’s support to the committee by covering the event live for the world to have a feeling of Ijesa's cultural value.

He stated that posterity will never forget efforts of the 2019 Iwude ijesa Planning committee for the giant stride in the social life of Ijesaland which has undoubtedly made Iwude an ijesa affairs again, promising to attend the event in person.

Earlier, leader of the team, chief Afolabi Igbaroola had regretted the damages the disunity had caused Ijesaland, stressing the need to chart a way forward to pace the way for brighter future for the coming generations.

Chief Igbaroola thanked chief Obeisun for his act of patriotism, which he said had helped to reduce unemployment in Ijesaland.

He said the Elegboro of Ijebujesa has been supportive since the committee started to embark on the mobilization exercise a couple of months ago.

On the entourage of the  vice chairman, Chief Afolabi Igbaroola were, barrister Dosu Babatunde, Mr Akintola Akinyele, Prince Isaac Haastrup, Mr Oladimeji Lasore, Mr Adekunle Ajayi, Mr Sunday Owoborode, Mrs Oluwabunmi Ogunniyi and Mr Oluwatobiloba Omirin.

Coverage: Isaac Haastrup and Oladimeji Lasore

All Photos Credit: Isaac Haastrup

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