Friday 28 February 2020

Harmony "16 Mutual Club Offers Scholarship in Osun Educational Sector

The Harmony 16 Mutual Club on Thursday 20th February, 2020, at St. James Elementary RCM School, Osogbo offered scholarship to some of the pupils to alleviate the burden on some indigent parents.

Harmony "16 Mutual Club is reputed for intervening in the educational sector in the State of Osun by addressing the need of some vulnerable pupils. The Club provides school uniforms, writing materials to the less privilege ,indigent and committed pupils in selected schools.

Harmony " 16 Mutual club prides itselves in giving back to the society by offering moral and financial support as means of rewarding excellence and supporting the less privilege.

The scholarship program took place at St. James Elementary RCM School in Osogbo during the school's morny assembly with over 250 pupils as beneficiaries of the writing materials while 10 of the pupils were given scholarships for the period of 3 years which is renewable every year.

Harmony "16 Mutual Club which has 14 Members with their wives, 4 Honorary members and 1 patron. The current Executive Members are:

1. Harmonite Adeshina Adewale -President.
2. Harmonite Aberefa Yemi - Vice President.
3. Harmonite Ajibike Olumuyiwa. Gen Sec & Committee Chairman
4. Harmonite Ogintunbi Seyi.  - Committee
5. Harmonite Adewuyi Moses - Committee
6. Harmonite Oparinde Matins - P R O.

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