Tuesday 24 August 2021

Shitu Olaitan Appreciates Osun Speaker for his maturity, describes him as a man with Native intelligence

The inclusion of your people at the grassroots level is overwhelming. Your philanthropic gesture is a groundbreaking idea. Your native intelligent and trajectory traces among the Royal, religion and Political leaders in your administrative and political discharge are sterling shining. Just continue to be you sir.

To you, our distinguished law maker, an astute leader, a motivators, a philanthropic minded, and a profound pontificator.

It's in the light of celebration in rejuvenating with you that I joined all your friends, colleagues, elite associate, the bigwigs, and your eminent well-wishers to celebrate with you on the auspices occasion of your birthday celebration, Rt. Hon. Timothy Owoeye, The Honourable Speaker Osun State House of Assembly.

As well as in the sound of encomium display in celebrating you that I joined all the good people of this country, your loved ones, your admirers, political associates, the bigwigs in felicitating with you on the auspices and acumen occasion of your birthday. 

As you are turning a year older and basking in the light and euphoria happy moment today, I pray that everything in your life will advance to the next level. 

On behalf of myself and my household, I celebrate with you today and I wish you the very best in all your endeavours as you are voyaging on another milestone of an impetuous fulfilling life.

Your political boy 

Shittu Olaitan

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