Friday 1 October 2021

Nigeria@61: Ismaeel Kareem Preaches Oneness, Patriotism to Nigerians


As Nigeria commemorates 61 years of self-governance, the Special Adviser to the Governor of the State of Osun on Innovation, Science and Technology has called for oneness and renewed patriotism from all Nigerians.

In his Independence message, Hon. Ismaeel Kareem Biggy said Nigerians must unite behind the national flag, set aside the narrative of division, violence and hate, and replace them with the narrative of peace and unity.

Hon. Biggy, stressed that the country would surmount its present challenges and emerge stronger.

The Modakeke Born Politician harped on the need for citizens to demonstrate unity and love towards one another to achieve a better society.

 He said: “Independence anniversary not only offers us an opportunity to give thanks to God for preserving us despite the challenges but also a time to reflect on how we, as citizens and leaders, can contribute to strengthening our country, uphold peace and harmony and embrace the common humanity that shines so brilliantly through our diversity.

“Although we are passing through a myriad of challenges, nothing is insurmountable if we set our minds to it. With our never-say-never attitude, we can surmount our present challenges.

 “I call on all Nigerians to renew faith with Nigeria as we commemorate another Independence anniversary”._ 

 *-Long Live MODAKEKE Akoraye* 

 *-Long Live Osun State* 

 *-Long Live Nigeria* 

 *Hon. Ismael Kareem Akande Biggy.* ```{HND,PGD MNIM, FIPMAN, MSC in view.}``` *S.A MIST* to the Gov. of Osun St. *&* 

 _"An APC Chieftain, From Osun State."_

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