Friday 12 November 2021

Olaiya Flyover, 'Brain Test' and cynics' unending vituperation...By Adebayo Adedeji

I watched with utter amusement the lamentation of a frustrated and an haphazardly trained lawyer, Kolapo Alimi, on the Olaiya Flyover construction. The charge-and-bail lawyer, has, inter alia, claimed the iconic and ambitious project was below standard, misplaced, needless and thus would be demolished by the incoming governor in Osun. One begs: who is the incoming governor in the state that would demolish a flyover built with the people's wealth and sweat? Dr Najeem Salam, former speaker of the state assembly who Rauf Aregbesola, Alimi's benefactor and ring-leader of the rebel group, is positioning to wrestle power from Governor Oyetola? Or the nondescript loafer Ademola Adeleke, who Alimi and other renegades and spent forces in the TOP conclave are holding norturnal meetings with?

Since the Aregbesola's group in Osun APC obtained the sum of N150 million from the Adelekes' faction of the PDP, Kolapo Alimi and other rottweilers on the payroll of the Absalomist Aregbesola have begun to throw  into wastepan any modicum of decency in their public conduct. At every provocation, they share seditious and malicious misinformation to demonise the government of Oyetola and make it ungovernable. These political tartuffes are more active, more vociferous and more critical of the APC government in Osun than even the discombobulated opposition PDP. They do everything to undermine the current government, including hiring mercenaries to destroy, with dynamites and chemical substances, the on-going Olaiya Flyover and other commissioned roads scattered around the state.

Why would self-adulated progressives be so vexed that they would reduce themselves to public enemy number one?  

Why would a supposed Muslim be this miffed, as Alimi is, because Oyetola did not name him Attorney General in his Cabinet? 

Recall Alimi was a two-term commissioner under the ignominious government of Aregbesola and it was during his commissioner-ship he made little career progress and beastly cornered the state resources for personal use. 

In a saner clime, Alimi and his Emeritus-Governor and jaded Symbol would have, by now, been behind the bar for their reckless appropriation of our commonwealth. It is on record that the government superintended by Aregbesola met a debt profile of N15 billion in 2010, but strangely, owing to that government's lack of discretion and prudence and its penchant for dishing out patronage for " the boys," the state was rammed into mindless debt of over N200 billion on the account of inflated contracts -- contracts, most times done with either substandard materials or done by incompetent proxy-contractors. The yesterday's men who are supposed to be under manacles in Ilesha  and Ife centres are the ones throwing themselves around like political megastars. It is most frustrating the power to probe such political felons rest only with the federal authorities which, though have been inundated with petitions bordering on the sleaze perpetrated by these unholy creatures, have not done justice to people's cries.

It is hoped that sooner than later, the long hand of the law will catch up with the malefactors who, when in power, threw caution to the wind and ran the state ramshackle. 

While we wait for an Angel, as ace writer Helon Habila would popularise a judgement day, it is important we accentuate the fact that the idea behind initiation of the Olaiya Flyover was not based on caprices of the people in government, rather it was an aggregation of the demand of the mass of Osun citizens who wanted the government to devise a strategy to manage vehicular movement around the corridor. And as expected, the traffic gridlock would become a plight of the past when the project is commissioned for vehicular use.

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