Wednesday 10 August 2022

Emir's Arrest: Osun CP and His Theatre of Absurd... By Sola Akinpelu

The recent posture of the Osun State Police Command under the control of Commissioner of Police, CP Olawale Olokode towards issues of criminality, thuggery and hooliganism is becoming so alarming and a subject of worry for the right thinking members of the public, which to a greater extent, questions the confidence of the people in the institution.

It has been in the notice of the public that the notorious and infamous political thug, Olalekan Ajagungbade (Emir) who is known for causing all forms of violence in the society, has been officially declared wanted by the Nigerian Force over alleged cases of murder, cultism and armed robbery according to a circular released to the effect of his arrest.

Depsite the already established allegation even by the police authority, it's mind-boggling to note that the police continue to play on the intelligence of the public with their theatrical tendency and disposition towards this issue of high security importance upon which the societal stability and orderliness rest on.

Apart from the fact that, the alleged is working freely in the public and making his whereabouts conspicuous, the police know everything about his movements but decide to show no commitment to his arrest,infact, he was seen side-by-side with a senior police officer of the command during a radio program, and this shows the affinity they have with most of the gangsters which is injurious and unhealthy to the general safety of the society.

More disheartening and abhorring is the flimsy excuse given by the Police Authority that the alleged criminal could not be arrested because he is under the harbour of the Osun State Governor-Elect, Senator Ademola Adeleke at his country home. This portends how irresponsible, unethical and reductive the institution of police has been turned to. So, there are some personal residences the police operatives can't access again?! So sad!

Is the Nigerian Police Force now veiling criminality?! This is a simple question that demands an affirmative response from the authority of the force if they still want the public to continue reposing their confidence in their institution.

Sent in by Sola Akinpelu

Ward 04,

Osogbo Local Government,

Osun State.

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