Saturday 7 January 2023

Allegation of violence: 'Rise above pettiness', Oyetola's aide tells Osun govt ... Says PDP is already fine-tuning plans to launch an attack on Oyetola's men .Adeleke's penchant for violence is well known

The media aide to the immediate past Osun Governor, Adegboyega Oyetola, Ismail Omipidan, has described the allegation that violent activities in Osun have been on the rise since his principal returned to Osun on Monday, January 2, as not only mischievous, but also wickedly calculated to smear the good name of Oyetola.

Omipidan noted that all those around the Osun Governor spinning lies and making false claims against Oyetola needed to have their heads thoroughly examined.

He wondered if Oyetola was in town on the December 31st 2022 when Peoples Democratic Party's thugs openly engaged themselves in a supremacy battle at the venue of the New Year crossover night.

Omipidan, who challenged the State Government to name just one violent incident that had taken place around Oyetola since Monday when he returned to Osun from his vacation, further said the PDP's and the current Governor's penchant for violence  is well known.

He maintained that both began unleashing violence on APC members since July 17, 2022 when the result of the July 16 governorship election was announced.

He added, “It is on record that even the governor as the governor-elect had to issue a public caution to his supporters to celebrate moderately and stop visiting violence on innocent Osun citizens when they began attacking us after the announcement.

"But since then, it never abated. Contrary to their claims, political violence has been on the rise in the State since November 27 when they took over. The first one was recorded at the venue of the swearing-in on Sunday, November 27, when his men attacked Amotekun operatives. These violent incidents, some of which led to loss of lives, are well documented by the people of the State. 

"Before the July 16 governorship election, two of their leading National Assembly candidates, Hon. Sanya Omirin and Hon. Lere Oyewumi, openly instigated the PDP supporters to deploy bombs, grenades and other dangerous weapons against APC members during the election. We raised the red flag. Our campaign bill boards were destroyed by them before and after the election. 

"There have been series of attacks in the State before my Principal, Oyetola returned to the State on Monday, January 2. For instance, on December 23, PDP thugs attempted to assassinate one of our former commissioners in the public glare in Ilesa.

"Again, on December 28, PDP thugs invaded Best Suites and Hotel at the Freedom Park, in Osogbo, run by one of our former commissioners, beat up everyone in sight, including guests, and even injured the Manager of the place. They also emptied the bar. Was my Principal in town on that day?

"Was my Principal in town on the December 31st when PDP openly engaged themselves in a supremacy battle at the venue of the New Year crossover night? 

"I can go on and on. But let us leave it at that for now. I am aware through some of their foot soldiers that they are intimidated by the presence of my Principal in Osun, hence they have been holding clandestine meetings on how to unleash mayhem on Osun and hang it on our neck. However, this too will fail like all previous plots against us.

“They are already perceiving another failure on their wild goose chase. Osun people knows those who are in the habit of using extrajudicial means by deploying non-state actors to deal mercilessly with perceived opponents. This does not in any way fit the person and character of my Principal. 

“ I, therefore, want to enjoin Osun security operatives and other discerning Nigerians to be on the alert. Those around the governor might be up to something sinister. From Monday when my Principal returned to Osun, he has been preaching peace. We will continue to preach peace, " Omipidan added.

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