Sunday 15 January 2023



The APC House of Representatives candidate Oriade/Obokun Federal Constituency had been assured of maximum support from ALL women in Esa oke. This support was declared at a meeting facilitated by Dr Olujimi Dada, an indigene of Esa-oke and a close associate of Seun Odofin. 

In a meeting that held at Basorun Omojowogbe's residence on Saturday, January 14, 2023, the women who trooped out in their hundreds promised their total support for the ambition of Seun Odofin, to represent them at the green chambers by voting en masse for him at the polls slated for February 25, 2023. 

Speaking at the occassion, Hon Kayode Ojo, a former secretary of Obokun East LCDA charged the women to come out in large number and vote for the candidate of the party and liberate themselves from the stronghold of the current holder of the office who is spending his 16th year in the green chambers without any commensurate evidence of his representation even in Esa oke town, talk less of the entire Obokun- Oriade Federal constituency. 

Bashorun Omojowogbe, a member of the Federal constituency Elders Council corroborated the submission of Hon Ojo and asked that most of the infrastructures which the town is enjoying today are contributions of former political office holders who are indigenes of the town, and members of the APC, such as Hon Muyiwa Ige, Hon Kunle Ige, Hon Siji Olamiju ( Akol), he asked the women to point to a single thing which the current  House of Reps member who is an indigene of the town had contributed to the town, besides the #2000:00 he doles out to his party members whenever election is around the corner. 

In his speech, another member of the APC elders council in the Federal Constituency, who is also an indigene of the town: Hon Adeniyi Ekundayo, challenged the women to take their destinies in their own hands by voting for the candidate of the party, as it has been evident that it is members of the party that always sell out on the election day by voting for the opposition. He charged them to end this attitude and change the status quo going forward from this year's election. 

In his speech, Dr Jimi Dada, a prince from the Aragadagbagun's ruling house of the town asked the women when it will be the turn of their children, if just one person in the Federal Constituency is using 20 years in the green chamber. He further asked the women to point out just one person from the town which the current House of Reps member had politically empowered to become the ward councillor nor the chairman of the LG, nor member, state house of Assembly even from his own party in all the 16 years he had been occupying the post, he further concluded that such a person is not a worthy leader that should be encouraged to hold on to political power. He gave the example of Asiwaju Tinubu and Speaker Gbajabiamila who had been empowering their followers to develop themselves politically.

He advised that the women shoukd speak with their votes now that Seun Odofin is their choice and the next person to represent the Federal Constituency during the next legislative year. The women promised that it is no longer business as usual and that Seun Odofin will be massively elected on the 25 February 2023 as the next representative of the Federal Constituency. They promised to continue to hold their regular meeting till the election day.

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