Sunday 22 January 2023



Our attention has been drawn to an article written by Fadahunsi Media Team in respect of the just concluded Political Debate organized by Ife Youth Organization IYO in Ile Ife.

Our principal, Hon. Ajibola Israel FAMUREWA, billed for the February 25 election into Senate, the Upper Chamber of National Assembly (NASS) was present at the debate and gave a wonderful account of himself. 

He presented a highly formidable biography, generally applauded as germane by the audience; and his achievements then as member of House of Representatives for Ijesa South federal constituency ( 2011-2019 ) were  accepted as exceptionally impressive and sterling for all times.

In his erudite presentations,  Famurewa cited physical locations  of  the many schools constructed by him, almost a hundred  Transformers installed, and Boreholes all across Ijesa South Federal Constituency provided by him. He made references to Hope Grammar School Ultra Modern Blocks of Classrooms, same at St. John's, Iloro and those he renovated at Atakumosa High School, Osu, Ifewara and so on to mention just a few. 

Famurewa of the All Progressives Congress, APC, further listed amongst his achievements, the provision of Solar Powered Street Lights, provision of CPUs to the ICT unit, Osun State College of Education, Free Remedial Classes for SS2 and SS3 Students, Mathematics and English Competition and Scholarships for the best students in these two subjects. 

He told the audience how he trained and empowered over 1000 youths and women in the Constituency which he represented then in the Lower Chamber of NASS. He was bold and proud to inform the audience that no one has ever achieved as much as he did as House of Representatives member from that Constituency. 

Needless, however, Senator Adenigba Fadahunsi of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in his usual meaninglessness took to the flood of mischiefs lies and  fabricated hints to a level that he was openly challenged by our principal who queried him to be specific on the exact classroom blocks he constructed at Hope Grammar School, Ilesa. As a sitting senator, Fadahunsi failed to substantiate his claims that he touched every ward in the senatorial district with at least one project. His failure made the people revolt at the debate and openly called him a shameless liar. They denigrated him with such word lines as "uro la pa o." ( be gone by your lying.)

The ugly treatment meted to Fadahunsi's couldn't have been anything, but the press statement about his performance at the debate by his media handlers stooped to mere pedestrian fallacies, made worst by the manner of his campaigns that's devoid of integrity and morality in the public space. He has been so mischievous, rascally going about with thugs and hooligans who vandalize billboards, trash posters of opponents, and deface public utilities with the inscriptions of his name and what have you about his crazy ambition to return to the Senate, while he's roundly found to be unsuitable.

Fadahunsi's Media Team cannot be more civilised than him, merely embarking as always, on tricky campaigns and making vicious hints public to incite their unsuspecting enthusiasts. Objectively, to deny the good people of Osun East Senatorial District the right to choose wisely.

Trust, the contemporary Nigerian voters are wiser to vote for the candidates of APC in the next election.


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