Sunday 12 February 2023

12 Year-Old Student Slumps, Dies During Chrisland School Inter-house Sports In Lagos

The father of Whitney Adeniran, a high school student at Chrisland Schools has raised an alarm over her death, calling for authorities to investigate her passing.

In a SOS letter, Michael Adeniran claimed that Chrisland School management failed to explain what happened to his child and how she died.

“My name is Michael Adeyemi Adeniran. This is me coming out to seek help of dignitaries and those that have power to help me and not let the death of my daughter (Whitney Adeniran) go just like that,” he wrote in an open letter.

“It happened that my daughter attend Chrisland High School and it was their inter-house sport event yesterday (Thursday February 9, 2023). She dressed up from home, healthy with no health conditions or sickness at all, the school bus came to pick her up to the venue of the event at Agege Stadium.


“Afterwards, my wife dressed up and went to attend the event, when she got there she noticed she didn’t seen her daughter in the midst of the student that were matching or partaking in the activities then she began to look for her, asking the students and teachers about her and then she noticed a gathering of students surrounding themselves like something was going on.

“So she walked towards the place to asked about her daughter but while she was walking towards the gathering, she noticed a school bus took off with speed out of the school and she was still complaining that why will the bus speed out like that where there are many students, but when she got there and showed a student her daughter’s picture that she’s looking for her then the student said she’s the one that’s been rushed out now in the school bus.

“Then she had to quickly locate a teacher and asked what happened and she was told she slumped, she called me immediately and told me they said my daughter slumped and they have taken her to the hospital that I should come right away as she was heading to the hospital. On getting to where they took her to, it’s an health center, their excuse was because of traffic to get to the hospital they had to take her to health center and they told my wife that our daughter is dead.

“I got there myself and was asking questions they couldn’t answer me, because I saw her body down, the eyes, lips and face is already dark in less than an hour, then I faced the nurse that they called while she was still in school to check her, I asked her what happened she said to be sincere by the time she got to the school she had already died but she couldn’t pronounce her dead because she’s not a doctor that’s why she allowed them to bring her to the health center first and since then I’ve been asking Chrisland School to tell me what happened to my daughter, but they are saying they don’t know, she just slumped and died.

“Please come to my aid, this need to be the last time Chrisland staff will kill a child because of their negligence and incompetence, I paid heavily in this school and they couldn’t get a first aid on stand by for their inter-house or pay proper attention to the students,” he wrote.


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