Monday 6 February 2023

Adeleke’s exit dance....By Sam Omatseye


When the dancing fellow was announced governor of Osun State, some fellows went viral online asking Sam Omatseye to apologise for lampooning Adeleke. 

Well, there was no point for that. I cannot apologise for berating a man who boasted that he was going to buy the voters with pounds, dollars, Euros et al. 

I was not going to say sorry to a man whose ungainly waist was going to turn state affairs into an alawada gig. 

Well, technology has had its final dance. It is a tribunal decision, of course. But it was less a human verdict than a magisterial sway of technology over human cunning and artifice. 

There were many ghosts in the elections. Machines do not see ghosts. So, they were winnowed away. To parody scriptures, the machines removed those things that are shaken so that those that cannot be shaken can remain.

 Ghosts of fake voters and thumb prints were removed. Ademola Adeleke was relying on ghosts. In the words of Job, he leaned on a house, but it did not stand.  

So, I might have said they should apologise to me. But no matter. I don’t trade in remorse. 

Gboyega Oyetola, the authentic owner of the oruka, is waiting in the wings for what the people have bestowed on him. 

Meanwhile, Adeleke should start rehearsing his exit dance.


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