Wednesday 26 April 2023

Census 2023: Atakumosa East Traditional Council Tasks Tenant Farmers Not to travel to Towns of Origin for Census (PHOTOS)

Atakumosa East local government economy is dominated by agricultural enterprises based on cocoa, colanut, palm trees plantain and banana plantations and mostly under the operation of tenant farmers  or farmworkers who reside on land owned by the indigenous landlords that have moved to Ilesa metropolis. Most of the tenants are from Iragbiji and Ikirun also in Osun state. Hence, it a familiar occurrence during festivity periods for the tenants to move en masse to celebrate with their kinsmen.

Having this in mind, the Atakumosa East Traditional Council in Osun state has charged residents of the towns and villages in the local government area living away from their towns and cities of origin not to travel home for the purpose of the exercise.

This was one of the many decisions arrived at on Tuesday, during the maiden meeting of HRM (Oba) Oyeleye Samson Oyebade Kehinde, Ogboni of Ipole-Ijesa with all the traditional rulers of the local government.

Speaking in his welcome address at Ipole-Ijesa, Oba Oyeleye emphasized that education, health, road and other indices of development should be the priorities of the traditional rulers and people would be enumerated at their places of residence because that’s where they enjoy these social facilities.

"People should stay where they are, to be counted. They are not to move to their towns of origin. It is totally against the essence of the census. You have to be counted where you reside so as to allow the planners to have accurate figures when the time comes for people to be provided with infrastructure and other things." He said while urging all to see to the infrastructural, economic and developments of the Atakumosa East communities.

Photos: (Coverage/Script by Oladimeji Lasore  ☎️ +2347035105414)

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