Wednesday 26 April 2023

Ex-Guinea President Reveals How Tinubu Got Guinean Citizenship

A former president of Guinea, Alpha Conde on Sunday revealed how the Nigeria President-elect, Bola Tinubu got his Guinean citizenship.

Conde in a video call with African Union Ambassador, Ousmane Yara, who was been interviewed by Daily Sun, however, stated that the recognition was as Ambassador extraordinaire (special envoy) of Guinea.

He promised to reveal more details on how Tinubu was made Ambassador Extraordinaire in the country in due time.

The ex-president described Tinubu as the biggest pan-Africanist, adding that Tinubu had always supported African presidents.

Speaking on his relationship with Tinubu, he said: “Tinubu is the biggest pan-Africanist I have seen.

“Before I met Tinubu, I had noted his accomplishments, right from when he was governor.

“I see him as a ‘Lion of Africa’ because of his contributions towards the stability and development of Africa. He has always supported African presidents who were pan-Africanists in disposition and others.”

The former president expressed confidence in the ability of Tinubu to do well as president.

Conde said, “I am convinced that Tinubu’s leadership will be good for Nigeria. Nigeria is a country other West African nations look up to. I am happy for Tinubu.

“Anything he may require of me to make his government successful, in my personal capacity, I will willingly do.

“He helped us in Guinea and I will never forget that. Nigerians should pray for the success of Tinubu’s government because his leadership will be impactful.”


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