Wednesday 5 April 2023

Lack of money responsible for salary delay, Osun workers lament.....Admonish governor to sorround himself with competent, sincere aides..... As state is neck deep in financial mess..... By Adekunle Alao


A group of workers, under the aegis of Osun Workers Union (OWU), have berated the state government for its attempt to heap the blame of non-payment of March Salary and Promotion Arrears on the innocent civil servants, describing it as urguarded, malicious and ungodly.

The union, in a press statement signed this Wednesday by its organising secretary, Comrade Gabriel Adeoye, said rather than coming out clean on the current perilous financial situation of the state, the governor and his handlers have chosen to play politics with the well being of the people.


According to Adeoye, " It is wicked that innocent civil servants would be held responsible for an action of the government the workers were not the causative agent. The issue we are confronted with today is monstrous, unless we want to continue to feign ignorance. Osun State is broke. That is the simple language. The windfall we received in the months past, running to over N80billion, have been unfortunately committed into elections and other projects with no direct impact on the people."

Adeoye warned that unless the state government under the leadership of Governor Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke attracted quality and sincere politicians into its fold, the state might be in for serious problems in the coming months.

"Governor Adeleke must understand that 'good intention' alone does not run government. He must back his 'good intention' with workable actions by engaging committed professionals to run the show for him. What we have at the moment, where all famished and selfish politicians want to have everything for themselves, isn't sustainable," the labour leader articulated.

He added that the recent arrangement where the state government had to enter into special arrangements with commercial banks to pay part of March salary was embarrassing and unjustifiable given the enormous revenue earned by the government in its first 100 days.

On January 31, the state governor, Senator Adeleke, in a move described by many as a strategy to poach the conscience of workers for the 2023 elections, promised to pay the promotion arrears of the state workers. Weeks afterwards, no further update on the payment was made until March 31 when the state government, through the Spokesperson to the governor, Mallam Olawale Rasheed, conveyed the assurance and decision of the state government to pay the promotion arrears alongside the March Salary.

Unfortunately, when a handful of lucky workers received their delayed salary on Wednesday, it was without the promised promotion arrears, a situation that has now set up the angry and fire-spitting workers against the government for "using and dumping" them after the election.


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