Thursday, 11 May 2023

OPINION: With Aregbesola, APC lost would have been more severe in Osun......By Suleiman Agboola Aroso

APC in Osun did not lose in recent elections because Rauf Aregbesola's renegade group, The Osun Progressives (TOP), didn't support them. The lost would have been more severe if they were to be there. APC started losing during the regime of Aregbesola. The party lost 1-9 to PDP during the Osun West by-election in 2017. You don't expect the people you're owing salary to vote for your party. The party took the half-salary regime into 2018 guber election. Reason it was very difficult for Alhaji Adegboyega Oyetola to win at the first ballot.

The people are yet to forgive the satanic deeds of Aregbesola, thus the best and most desirable thing to now is to restructure the party without him. He introduced numerous atrocities into polity. The amputated salary, aka half-salary, regime was strange to Nigeria until Aregbesola activated it in Osun State.

No state in Nigeria borrowed more than its capacity as Aregbesola did while holding sway. The next five governors in the state will feel the heat of Aregbesola's recklessness. Forget Adélékè's gragra, he will soon cry out. Civil servants "go soon hear am."

 This is the low Aregbesola brought us in the state. It remains like four or five more regimes before we can be completely free from the grip of his profligacy. Imagine borrowing 11bn to build 11 mega schools!

So, that Ayedaade Grammar School, Ikire, was built with =N=1bn, =N=100,000,000 in ten places for proper understanding! Remember it's exclusive of land cost. The structures are nothing to write home about after just two years. Students have returned to the old structures and left Aregbesola's Billion naira buildings alone when it almost cost them their lives.

Gov. Bisi Akande built the State Secretariat Complex with =N=2bn. It was commissioned in 2003. All the components of the buildings in the complex are intact till today, even after 20 years. There has been no major improvements 20 years after. No single wall crack and no wall peel. Only some internal wall paintings to change the taste of the occupiers.

When Aregbesola's vuvuzelas gloat over their political importance and profundity, and how they were the major reason the APC lost to Adélékè, sensible people should not hesitate to splash it over their faces that they are as useless to APC just as they have added no value to PDP. If Adeleke had acknowledged their contribution to his emergence, they would have been so proud to identify with PDP and lobby to clinch national assembly tickets and numerous HOA seats from him, instead of looking for re-absorption into APC.

Yes, re-absorption is possible. In fact, they have the right to seek for such favour. Only that they must go through the normal procedures that the party has put in place and be ready to serve the punishment for their waywardness. That's the process prodigal sons and defilers of family purity must adopt to be reintegrated into the fold. Aregbesola and his men can't bully the party into re-absorbing them. A Prof. Adewole-led committee have been put in place by the leadership of the party. The traitors should submit their proposal to them and be ready to abide by the rules.

Or in the alternative, they should chest out to float a new party, since PDP has refused to offer them shelter over their heads.

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