Friday 19 May 2023

"The government has no power to remove Iyaloja".... Osun Iyaloja General, Asindemade talks tough on Adeleke's new appointment

Appointment of new Iyaloja-General of Osun State, Mrs. Otebode Aderonke by the state governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke on Thursday has resulted in crisis within the women market circle as the<<<>>>>growth and development of commerce.

"We approve her appointment with all sense of responsibility and confidence in her ability to pilot the affairs of women in commerce for the collective prosperity of Osun state,” the statement read.

However, the former Iyaloja-General, Asindemade insisted that nobody can remove her, since the group was a Non-Governmental Organisation that she founded.

“They only removed themselves and not me, I am not bothered by that development, because they can’t stop me from being the Iyaloja General, rather the one appointed as the new Iyaloja General is for the PDP.

“The government has no power to remove Iyaloja General.

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